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Birthday SMS for Lover: Sweet heart…

Sweet heart u r so butiful, my luv 4 u will always b true
here is a wish 4 my darling may all ur wish cm true
i wish u a cute happy b’day with lots of luvs hugs nd kissess
frm a hrt that beats just 4 u….

Birthday SMS for Lover: Sweetheart!…

Sweetheart! u r so beautiful,
my love 4u will always b true, here’s a wish 4 my darling…
may all your dreams come true I wish u a very happy birthday.
with lots of love and kisses… from a heart that beats…
just 4 you.

Birthday SMS for Lover: May each

May each nd every passing yr brings u wisdm peace and cheer
wish ur b’day will b as sweet as chocolate
happy b’day sweethrt…..

Birthday SMS for Lover: Dear Sweetheart…

Dear Sweetheart,
On your birthday, I am thinking about the best gift I could choose for you.
Would it be a wet kiss, a loving hug or a red rose?
Please take your pick or you can even have them all.
Have a memorable Birthday!

Birthday SMS for Lover: Mountain rain…

Mountain rain or summer heat;
Your friendship is the reason why I breathe.
Tell me dear what is sweet?
Is that you or your heartbeats?
Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Birthday SMS for Lover: You are my dream…

You are my dream in my sleep;
You are my vision in my eye;
You are my smile on my lips;
You are beat of my heart;
You are an angel in my prayer;
You are light of my life;
Happy Birthday, my love!

Birthday Wishes for Lover: May each and every passing…

May each and every passing your brings you wisdm peace and cheer
wish ur birthday will be as sweet as chocolate
happy birthday sweet heart…..

Birthday Wishes for Lover:

sweetheart you are so beautiful, my love for you will always be true
here is a wish for my darling may all your wish come true
i wish you a cute happy b’day with lots of luvs hugs & kissess
from a heart that beats just for you..

Birthday SMS: Birthday Hai Aapka…

Birthday Hai Aapka, Dete Hain Hum Yeh Dua,
Ikk Baar Jo Mil Jayein Hum, Honge Na Kabhie Judaa
Saath Denge Jeevan Bhar Ka, Yeh Hai Hamara Wada
Jaan Luta Denge Tujhpe, Hai Yeh Apna Iraada….

Birthday SMS for Lover – My love for you…

My love for you Has a never ending supply
It will never be lacking It will never get dry
Often I wonder And ask myself, Why do I feel,
Without you I’d die.