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Ramadan Wishes – I wish this Ramadan…

I wish this Ramadan, you are gifted
with blessings of Allah and
many treasured moments of joy!

Ramadan Mubarak!

Ramadan Wishes – Ramadan is the…

Ramadan is the (month) in which was sent down the Quran,
as a guide to mankind,
also clear (Signs) for guidance
and judgment (between right and wrong).

Ramadan Wishes – •W.I.T.H.O.U.T • • A L L A H •…

•W.I.T.H.O.U.T •
• A L L A H •
• I •
•A.M •
I Proud To Be A Muslim ..
Ramadan Mubarak To You.

Ramadan Wishes – As the Fajar azan begins…

As the Fajar azan begins
And the 1st holy fast begins
May Allah bless you with happiness
and grace your home with warmth & peace.

Ramadan Wishes – Mah-E-Ramzan…

Mah-E-Ramzan Mein..

Apni Duaon K Khas Lamhat Me
2 Jahan Ki Afiyat Mangna,

Dozakh Se Nijaat Mangna,


Husn-E-Akhlaq Mangna,


Shukar Karne Wali Zaban


Sabar Karne Wala Dil Mangna.


Ramadan Wishes – “He” is the one “ALLAH”…

“He” is the one “ALLAH” the Creater, the Initiate, the Designer.
To Him belong the most beautiful names.
“He” is the Almighty, Most Wise,
Wishing u a blessed Ramadan..!

Ramadan Wishes – Today i pray that…

Today i pray that:-
Happiness be at ur door
May it knock early
Stay late & leave the gift of Allah’s
Peace,love,joy & good health behind

shaban mubarak,eid mubarak,
ramadan mubarak,

May you remain happy all the time
Irrespective of any occasion.

Ramadan Wishes – I Looked Over Sky…

I Looked Over Sky and Asked The Shiny Star
Where’s The Moon Star Replied Me Sloly …
It will Appear Soon, As ” ALLAH ” Has Gifted
One More Day of Blessed Month Of Ramadan al Mubarak.

Ramadan Wishes – Fortunate Is The One…

Fortunate Is The One
Who Has Learned To Admire,
But Not To Envy.
Good Wishes For A Joyous Ramadan
And A Happy New Year With A Plenty
Of Peace And Prosperity.

Ramadan Wishes – May the festival of lights…

May the festival of lights be the harbinger
of joy and prosperity. As the holy occasion of
Ramadan is here and the atmosphere is
filled with the spirit of mirth and love,
here is hoping this festival of beauty brings
your way, bright sparkles of contentment,
that stay with you through the days ahead.

My Best wishes for u on Ramadan