Friendship SMS

Friendship is the hardest thing

“Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain.
It’s not something you learn in school.
But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship,
you really haven’t learned anything.”


F un
R eliable
I nspiring
E njoyed
N ice
D elightful

Friendship is not a game

Friendship is not a game to play,
It is not a word to say,
It doesn t start on March and ends on May,
It is tomorrow, yesterday, today and everyday….

The greatest gift

“Remember, the greatest gift is not found in a store nor under a tree,
but in the hearts of true friends.” – Cindy Lew

I’m just standing

l ()””””() l
l ( ‘ o’ ) ‘l
l=( ,)===( ,)=l
I’m just standing by my window thinkin of u
& wondering if u ever think of me too…*

Another Moon?

Another Moon?
Possible Another Sun?
Possible Another Sky?
Possible Another person Like U?
Impossible ‘Coz God can’t make the same Mistake twice.

Hanging out would be Boring

Hanging out would be Boring,
Movies would not be Entertaining,
Chatting would not be Engrossing,
Shopping would not be Happening,
And hence Life would not be Cool,
If you were not my dear friend!

Good friends are not easy

Good friends are not easy to obtain,
Once obtained, they’re difficult to maintain,
One maintained, they’re difficult to sustain,
Once lost, they’re simply impossible to regain!
Moral: Take good care of me, you lucky brat!

Never cry for any relation in life

Never cry for any relation in life
Because for the one whom you cry
Does not deserve your tears
And the one who deserves
Will never let you cry!

A simple poem for You

A simple poem for You:
“Forgetting you is hard to do,
Forgetting me is up to you,
Forget me not
Forget me never
& you will have a friend forever.