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Good Morning SMS: LIFE & TIME…

“LIFE & TIME are the world’s best two teachers.
LIFE teaches us the use of TIME & TIME teaches us the value of LIFE..
GOooood morning…. Hav a wonderful day !!

Good Morning SMS: The minute you think…

“The minute you think of giving up any relation,
think of the reason why you held it so long”
Good morning and have a nice day.

Good Morning SMS: Morning has a…

Morning has a great meaning. Every morning d SUN says
“Wake up like me” SKY says
“Aim my height” WIND says
“Refresh like me” and

Good Morning SMS: Morning is silent…

Morning is silent,
morning is calm,
morning is beautifil,
but morning is not complete
without wishing u good and wonderful day.

Good Morning SMS: It Is Time To…

Good Morning.
It Is Time To Jump Out Of Bed,
Brush Your Teeth,
Eat Your Breakfast And
Get Ready To Grab
All The Opportunities That Will Come Your Way.

Good Morning SMS: the sun is up…

Good Morning the sun is up
time to fill your coffee cup.
The day is new
and how it will be is up to you.

Good Morning SMS: Dr’s prescription…

Dr’s prescription for today.
A cute little smile for breakfast.
More laugh for Lunch,
Lots of happiness for Dinner,
Dr’s fee… whole Day think of me….
GOOD Morning…

Good Morning SMS: Happiness is…

“Happiness is not based on
position,power or prestige
but on the relationship with
other people those u love and care”.
Good Morning…!!

Good Morning SMS: “MORNING” is a…

“MORNING” is a good time to “REMEMBER all the sweet things &
all sweet persons in your “LIFE so wake up with your “SWEET MEMORIES”

Good Morning SMS: Get up from…

Get up from ur soft bed
Open ur teeny weeny eyes.
Wear that jolly wolly smile
& say to urself
a Gud morning from my side.
Hav a great day!