I Miss You SMS

You are my sun

You are my sun, and if I were a planet,
I would stop spinning, and would look
at your beauty and admire you.
I really miss you, my favorite.

Every day without you

Every day without you is a scar on my heart,
have mercy, come back soon, I cannot live without you. Kisses.

Your girlfriend is sweet

Your girlfriend is sweet, cute
and pretty most of the times.
But if you don’t meet her often,
she will become bitter, nasty and annoying.
I miss you.

I wait for you with impatience

It is awful to love you without having an opportunity to touch you.
You’re far away and I cannot think of anything else as our last meeting.
I miss you and I wait for you with impatience.

Every drop of rain is my tear

Every drop of rain is my tear,
my heart weeps with longing for you.
I love you madly, come back soon, I miss you!

When I miss you

When I miss you
I miss a part of me
My life is shattered
This is what it has come to be
Baby all I want you to do
Is hold me in your arms
My heart is craving
To succumb to your charms.

I’m flipping through all our selfies

I’m flipping through all our selfies,
I’m fondly remembering the naughty memories.
I’m thinking about all the romantic dates,
I’m wondering how beautifully intertwined are our fates.
But being away from you is draining me down,
baby I need your kisses to wipe off my frowns.
I miss you.

You are my home, my haven

You know, there are people, with whom you feel warm,
cozy and comfortable and when you hug them, you feel
as if you are at home. You are my home, my haven,
my lovely second half.

I miss you, my sweetheart

Your love is a heavenly gift which I was lucky enough to get
because your love has changed me and the world around me became brighter.
I miss you, my sweetheart.

How much I miss you

How much I miss you
When you are not with me
It is difficult to express
Without sounding cheesy
But even when we are
Apart for just a few minutes
I feel lost and confused
At the end of my wits
I don’t care how much time
We spent together today
I start missing you
The very second you walk away.