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SMS Joke: Last Semester…

Madam to Student : Last Semester you were roaming
with that girl and this semester you are roaming with other.
What you think of yourself?
Boy : Syllabus changed mam.

School SMS Joke: Class Room is like a Train…

Class Room is like a Train
1st Two Benches are Reserved For VIP . .
Nxt Two Benches are General coach
Last Two Benches are Very Demanded.

College SMS Joke – Namma college’la…

Princi: Namma college’la sumara ethana girls iruppanga.
Student: Namma college’la ella girls’um sumara dhan iruppanga.

College SMS Joke in Tamil – American & IND…

American & IND college principals argued dat their studnts r fearless.

American college princi called d studnts 2 jump in sea ful of sharks.

Dey said ok & jumped..

American princi: C d guts..

IND college princy called d studnts & told 2 jump.

They said “Mudiyathu poda!”.

IND princy: C d guts..;-):-D

Hindi Funny SMS – Sochiye physics…

Sochiye physics kitni eassy hoti





Apple ki jagah ped gira hota
aur newton wahi nipat gaya hota.

Hindi Funny SMS – NAADE ko english…

Teacher to Golu:
NAADE ko english me kya kehte hain..!!
Golu: P.H.D.
Teacher: kya matlab?
Golu: Pajama Holding Device..!!

College SMS Joke – Agar koi…

PRINCIPAL: Agar koi ladka girls hostel mein gaya to
1st time 100 Rs,
2nd time 200 fine hoga.
MUNNA: Boley to monthly paas ka kya lega Mamu.

School SMS Joke – Teacher: Tum kahaan…

Teacher: Tum kahaan paida hue?
Student: Sir, Thiruvananthapuram main.
Teacher: Spelling bataao.
Student: Sir, ab mujhe lagta hai,
main GOA main paida hua tha!!

College SMS Joke – Imagine Life without…

Imagine Life without Girls

-All theater silent

-Police at rest

-Mobile companies in loss

-Gift shop in loss

All boys were university topper. đŸ˜€

Funny SMS – Air and Students…

Air and Students have the same Mentality

U know how?

Both are turning the books pages without reading.