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Funny SMS – Girl: Which computer…

Girl: Which computer do u have?
Boy: I have a computer with intel core i7
processor at 3.3 ghz, windows 7, 64 bit, 8gb ram
& nvidia gtx 560 graphics card.

Boy: which computer do YOU have???
Girl: A PINK ONE !!

What to say now. 😛

Computer SMS Jokes – Bug kandupudipathai…

Computer Thirrukural

Bug kandupudipathai oruthal avar naana DeBug seidhuvidal…

COPY PASTE seidhu vazhvaare vazhvoar, mattavarellam CODING seidhu saavaar.

Emmozhi marandhaaarkum JOB undaam, JOB illai C i Marandhavarkku

CHAT-tinil YAHOO, chat seiga illayel CHAT-in CHATaamai nandru

Computer SMS Jokes – Oru aalu oru kaakka…

Oru aalu oru kaakka valarthan

Atha touch panna, romba smooth’aa soft’aa irukkum

Avan adukku yenna peyar vaippan?


Computer SMS Jokes – Bug kandupidithare…

1.Bug kandupidithare oruthal avar
naana DeBUG seidhuvidal…

2.COPY PASTE seidhu vazhvaarae vazhvoar
mattravarellam CODING seidhu saavaar.

3.emmozhi marandhaarkum JOB undaam
JOB illai C i Marandhavarkku.

4.CHAT -tinil YAHOO.
Chat seiga illaiyael CHAT-in CHATtaamai nandru..

Computer SMS Jokes – What would you call…

What would you call a girl driving a car?
A Pen Drive.

Computer SMS Jokes – Manager : Do you know JAVA…

In interview:

Manager : Do you know JAVA?

Candidate :

This is called protocal mismatch.

First “JA” – hindi, meaning is “GO”, Second “VA” – Tamil, meaning “COME”.

These two actions are different
can not be implemented simultaneously.

Manager: Good. You know so much in computer. you are appointed..
Best of luck and looking ahead to work with you.