Computer SMS Jokes

Girl: Which computer

Girl: Which computer do u have?
Boy: I have a computer with intel core i7
processor at 3.3 ghz, windows 7, 64 bit, 8gb ram
& nvidia gtx 560 graphics card.

Boy: which computer do YOU have???
Girl: A PINK ONE !!

What to say now. 😛

Bug kandupudipathai

Computer Thirrukural

Bug kandupudipathai oruthal avar naana DeBug seidhuvidal…

COPY PASTE seidhu vazhvaare vazhvoar, mattavarellam CODING seidhu saavaar.

Emmozhi marandhaaarkum JOB undaam, JOB illai C i Marandhavarkku

CHAT-tinil YAHOO, chat seiga illayel CHAT-in CHATaamai nandru

Oru aalu oru kaakka

Oru aalu oru kaakka valarthan

Atha touch panna, romba smooth’aa soft’aa irukkum

Avan adukku yenna peyar vaippan?



Bug kandupidithare

1.Bug kandupidithare oruthal avar
naana DeBUG seidhuvidal…

2.COPY PASTE seidhu vazhvaarae vazhvoar
mattravarellam CODING seidhu saavaar.

3.emmozhi marandhaarkum JOB undaam
JOB illai C i Marandhavarkku.

4.CHAT -tinil YAHOO.
Chat seiga illaiyael CHAT-in CHATtaamai nandru..

What would you call

What would you call a girl driving a car?
A Pen Drive.

Manager : Do you know JAVA

In interview:

Manager : Do you know JAVA?

Candidate :

This is called protocal mismatch.

First “JA” – hindi, meaning is “GO”, Second “VA” – Tamil, meaning “COME”.

These two actions are different
can not be implemented simultaneously.

Manager: Good. You know so much in computer. you are appointed..
Best of luck and looking ahead to work with you.