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Husband Wife SMS Jokes: Only a Man understands another…

Only a Man understands another Man..

Customer: I want to buy a Ladies Watch

Shopkeeper: Sir, wife ke liye chahiye ya Branded dikhaun.

SMS Joke: Wife: If you keep…

Wife: If you keep losing your hair at this speed, I shall divorce you.
Husband: Oh my God! And I was stupid enough trying to save them!

Husband & Wife Joke: How much do you love me…

Wife : How much do you love me ?
Husband : I love U so much, I can’t measure.
Wife : No just tell me….
Husband : Okay, I am like a cell
phone & you are my sim card,
i am nothing without you…
Wife : Wow ! that’s so romantic…
Husband (saying to himself):
Thank God she doesn’t know, this
is a Chinese phone, with FOUR sim cards…

SMS Joke: Darling Shall we have…

Wife to Husband: “Darling Shall we have Tandoori Chicken to celebrate our wedding anniversary?”

Husband: “Why punish the poor chicken for my mistake?”

Tamil Husband & Wife SMS Jokes: Kamala oru cup coffee…

Kamala oru cup coffee

Husband : Kamala Oru Cup Coffee…!?

Wife : Yennaadhu.?!

Husband : Unakku Coffee Tharattumaannu Keattean…!

Wife : Adhaaney Paarthean.!

Funny SMS – What is the best…

What is the best example of ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity?

A Mosquito lands on your wife’s face,
& u get the rarest opportunity of your life..

Never miss it!! 😉

Funny SMS – Position of a husband…

Position of a husband is just like a Split AC…
No matter how loud he is outdoor,
He is designed to remain silent indoor! 😛 😀

Husband & Wife Jokes – Hus : naan sethutta…

Hus : naan sethutta yenna pannuva?
Wif : unga koodave naanum sethuduven
Hus : josiysakkaran appavey sonnan sethalum saniyan unna vidathunnu..

Husband & Wife Jokes – Wife: Yenga ippadiye…

Wife: Yenga ippadiye naan samachi potta enakku enna kidaikkum?
Husband: Ennoda LIC panam Seekkaram kidaikkum.
Wife: !!!!

Husband & Wife Funny SMS: Wife: Yethuku adikkadi…

Wife: Yethuku adikkadi en mugathula thanni thelikireenga?

Husband: Unga appa unnai poo maathiri parthuka sonnar adhaan…