Life SMS

Success is not permanent

Success is not permanent…
and failure is not final.

Who thinks he can…

Who thinks he can….
They will win anything in D world…
B positive…

Human beings are very strange

“Human beings are very strange.
They have ego of their knowledge
but, they don’t have knowledge
of their ego”.


Marriage means

Marriage means It doest not choose the right person

It mean be a right person to a person…

Difficulties in your life

Difficulties in your life do not come to destroy U..
But to help u realise your hidde potential.
Let difficulties know that you are difficul T!!

Life is the most

Life is the most difficult exam
many people trying to copy others so fails….
They dont know every one
having different question paper…

The Biggest suspense

The Biggest suspense of life is
“We Know For Whom We Are Living….”
“But We Never Know, Who Is Living For Us…


Life is like

”Life is like a book

Turn over the pages

Day by day..

You can find new

Experience everyday”

Empty pockets

“Empty pockets teaches million things in Life…”


“Full pockets spoil’s U in million ways…”

An interesting secret

An interesting secret:
“wen u collect al the answers of life,
God just changes the question paper.”
Tats life.

3 GOLDEN RULES in life

Always use 3 GOLDEN RULES in life.
“who is helping you, dont forget them”
“who is loving you, dont hate them”
“who is believing you, dont cheat them”.

Some paths in life

Some paths in life have to be crossed alone…
so never be emotionally attached to anyone
because you never know when you have to walk alone.
So true. So hard.

Dreaming of u

Dreaming of u makes my night worth while.

Thinking of u makes me Smile.

Having u is the best thing ever &

Loving u is what I plan to do forever .

If a person is silent

If a person is silent, it doesn’t means that
he is unknown of fun, enjoyment, thrill and adventure..
rather, it means that life has taught him some lessons
which made him to choose silence.

Never Make anyone

Never Make anyone “Very Special”
In ur Life….
When They “Change”,
U Don’t “Hate” Them ..
Instead U Start “Hating” Urself…

Time and Smile

Time and Smile are two critical things in life.
Sometimes time makes u forget how to Smile
Sometimes someone’s Smile makes us forget time..

The ability to feel

The ability to feel pain is not a weakness,
it is strength..
And those who can endure it are stronger.

One of the greatest lesson

One of the greatest lesson i got from life:

There is no market for your emotions,
so never advertise your feelings..

Just display your attitude..!!

Life never turns

Life never turns the way we want.
we live it in the best way we can. There’s no perfect life,
we can Fill it with perfect moments.

U are great

U are great if u can find ur faults.
u are greater if u can correct them.
but u are greatest if u accept &
love someone with their faults!

Never explain yourself

Never explain yourself.
your friends don’t need it and
your enemies won’t believe it.

Money and Power

Money and Power quickly change hands
and also quickly change People’s mind.

Life is better

Life is better when you are happy,
Life is best when other people are happy because of you!
Be an inspiration, share ur smile.

If you are Peaceful

If you are Peaceful and Happy
that you are very close to your Self.
If you are Sad and Stressed
that you are close to your Ego.

Life is a mirror

Life is a mirror in which you should absorb Good Things..
And reflect Bad Things.. 🙂

Time is like river

Time is like river..
You can’t touch the same water twice,because the flow
that has passed will never pass again..
Enjoy every moment of life..

If u wait for happy moments

If u wait for happy moments,
u will wait forever.
But if u start believing that u r happy,
u will b happy forever.
Thats life.