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Love SMS: I Always Wanted…

I Always Wanted Someone Who
Will Understand Me
Make Me Go Beyone My Weakness
To Achieve My Goals
In You I Found My Love
I Love U More Everyday..!

Love SMS: U Are My Sun…

U Are My Sun, U Are My Moon
U Are My Words, U Are My Tune
My Earth, My Sky, My Sea
U Are Everything For Me
U Are My Light In Darkness
U Are My Peace And Happiness
My Hope And My Forever Love..!

Love SMS: When two hearts are…

When two hearts are
meant to be together..
No matter höw löng it takes…
No matter höw far they go..
No matter höw tough it seems..
Love will bring them..
To share a life forever.

Love SMS: I Lost My Heart…

I Lost My Heart
From The Day U Came Into My
U Hold Me Tight In My Thoughts
All Day And Night
I Wish That All My Life I Live With U..!

Love SMS: TRUE LOVE Means…

To FEEL someone in
To FIND someone in
every THOUGHT,
To SEE someone with
And to MISS someone
without any reason…

Love SMS: I could not tell you…

I could not tell you if I loved you the first
moment I saw you, or if it was the second
or third or fourth. But I remember the first
moment I looked at you walking toward
me and realized that somehow the rest of
the world seemed to vanish when I was with you.

Love SMS: I Need U…

I Need U Like A Butterfly
Needs Its Wings
An Ice Bear Needs Cold
And A Soul Needs A Body..!

Love SMS: Everytime When…

Everytime When A Msg Comes
I Open Just Thinking Its U
When Its Not U
I Dont Get Disappointed
Still I Enjoy That Moment
Which Made Me Think Of U..!

Love SMS: The Love, Touch…

The Love, Touch And Tender
Talk With Passionate Is
What Drives Me Crazy When I Am With You.
The Love You Give Me Is So Special.
I Love You Dear!

Love SMS: I Am Sending…

I Am Sending U A Basket Full Of
Flowers To Favor Ur Day
Just To Tell U That U Occupy My