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Nice Lines – The tree does not…

The tree does not withdraw its shade from the Woodcutter,

so don’t hate your enemies…

Nice Thought – Feeling Tense?…

Feeling Tense?
Think me,

Feeling sad?
call me,

Feeling lonely?
See me,

Feeling Sleeply?
Dream of me


Nice Lines – There’s always going…

There’s always going to be people
that hurt you so what you have
to do is keep on trusting and
just be more careful about
who you trust next time around.

Nice Thought – Luck means who…

Luck means who get the opportunity;

Brilliace means who creat the opportunity..

Nice Lines – Plus symbel is…

Plus symbel is made up of

two minus symbels in different angles

Nice Lines – Don’t waste your time…

Don’t waste your time on a man/woman,

who isn’t willing to waste their time on you.

Nice Lines – “Every morning get up…

“Every morning get up and look through the
FORBES list of richest people in the world..
If your name is not present…
then PLEASE GO TO WORK immediately”

Nice SMS – While there is a sunset…

While there is a sunset in one part of the world,
there is a sunrise on the other part.
Never give up, what may appear to be end
may be the beginning of other…

Nice Lines – Little keys can open…

Little keys can open big locks.

Simple words can express great thoughts.

My tiny SMS can make your day Great!

Nice Lines – Silence is the best way…

Silence is the best way to avoid may problems….

Smile is the powerful tool to solve many problems…

So have a silent smile always.