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Puzzle SMS – M J L S U W E C…

Arrange the words.


clue: Mostly lovers use this word..

Try & reply me the answer…

Riddle SMS With Answers – 2 balls remaining…

2 balls remaining…
last 2 players on the pitch
player A 94*
player B 94
7 runs to win the match.
How would both players make their centuries?
Player A hit the shot takes 3 runs but one run was short run and also an overthrow gives 4 runs. Now player B is on the strike and he hit a 6.

Question SMS – Solve the case…

Solve the case(challange):-
A man was found murdered on 15.8.2007 afternoon…
1. His wife called police…
2. Police questioned everyone…
3. Wife :- Sir, i was sleeping…
Neighbours :- V went 4 the marriage…
Driver :- I went to Bank sir…
Cook :- I went to Market…
Watch Man :- I went to My relations Marriage…
Police arrested murderer immediately…
Who was it ??

Puzzle SMS – If u r Talented…

If u r Talented Ans this Ok…

1.Teachers Hate Me…!
2.Cows Like Me…!
3.Monkey’s Eat Me…!
I am a 9 letter Word…..


Waiting 4 ur reply…

Riddle SMS With Answers – A man walks into his…

A man walks into his bathroom and shoots himself right between the eyes using a real gun with real bullets.
He walks out alive, with no blood anywhere.
And no, he didn’t miss and he wasn’t Superman or any other caped crusader.

How did he do this?

Answer: He shoots him in the Mirror

Riddle SMS With Answers – What is black when…

What is black when you buy it,
Red when you are using it,
And grey when you throw it away?
Answer : Charcoal

Riddle SMS With Answers – 1 Electric Taar ko…

1 Electric Taar ko dusre Electric Taar se pyar ho jata hai,
To aap is pyar ka kya naam denge?




Puzzle SMS – One word puzzle sms…

One word puzzle sms.

A rich man needs _____.
A poor man has _____.
If u eat _____ u die!

Riddle SMS With Answers – An Electric Train…

An Electric Train Goes North,

The Wind Goes West,

Where Does The Smoke Go????

Answer : Electric Trains Don’t Give Off Smoke.