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Question And Answer SMS – What is the thing…

What is the thing that can go over everything (anything) ?
Well, if you say the answer is sky… NO! that thing can go over sky as well!
if you say it is air .. NO! that thing can go over the air too!
actually if you say anything … still NO! that thing can go over anything tooo
Answer: A pen (when you write any word such as sky, air, anything……..etc then your pen will go over your hand-written words)

Question And Answer SMS – A Woman Bought…

A Woman Bought a Used Car for Rs. 60,000/- and sold it a friend for Rs. 80,000/.
She later bought it back for Rs.. 1,00,000/- and resold it for Rs. 1,20,000/-.
Did she make any profit and if so, how much..?


At FIRST glance it appears she made a profit of Rs. 20,000, however this is not the case.
She made a total profit of Rs. 40,000/- since she made
Rs. 20,000/- profit each TIME she sold the car.

Riddle SMS With Answers – If you look at me…

If you look at me
I will look at you
If you grin at me
I will grin at you
If you dance
I will also dance
But if you shout,
Sorry, i can’t.
Who am i ?
Answer is: Mirror

Riddle SMS With Answers – Letter after f…

Letter after f + half of 8 + shadow of q +
Opposite of d+ letter before m +
Middle of sea + 2 into 19th letter +
End of you

Answer: God Bless You

Riddle SMS With Answers – I am 5 letter word…

I am 5 letter word,

If all the 5 letters are available i am a talent in you,
If you remove my first letter i will die,
If you remove my first 2 letters i will be sick.

Who am i
The answer is: Skill

Riddle SMS With Answers – I am a word of 5 letters…

I am a word of 5 letters

People eat me!

If u remove my 1st letter i will b a form Of energy!
If u remove my 1st 2 letters i will be needed 4 living.
If u remove my 1st 3 letters i will be near u.
If u remove my 1st 4 letters i will be a drink 4 u.
Who am i?


Question SMS – The below is a number puzzle…

The below is a number puzzle. It should be read left to right, top to bottom.

1 1
2 1
1 2 1 1
1 1 1 2 2 1
? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Question 1: What is the next two rows of numbers?

Question 2: How was this reached?

Riddle SMS – 66556666555555…

665566665555556665555556666655666665566655555556665566665566666 665566655555555655555555666665566665566655666556665566665566666 665566665555555555555556666666556655666655666556665566665566666 665566666655555555555566666666665566666655666556665566665566666 665566666666555555556666666666665566666655666556665566665566666 665566666666665555666666666666665566666655666556665566665566666 665566666666666556666666666666665566666655555556665555555566666

1. Select all number above
3. Press 5
4. Press CTRL+enter
5. This is special 4 u

Question And Answer SMS – What do you think…

What do you think; can a kangaroo jump higher
than the Empire State Building?
Answer: Yes, because the Empire State Building can not jump.

Question And Answer SMS – What part of a human…

What part of a human, which size doesn’t increase?
(remain as same as at the time of Birth)

Do u think u can answer….

Answer – The Eye