Dear Computer User

Dear Computer User,

I Do Appreciate Your Kind Attitude Towards
The Keys 0f Keyboard,
0ne question…

Why Do You Press All Keys Softly n Hit Me
With All Your Power?

Yours sincerely,
‘ENTER’ Key!

It can’t search

Google maybe the most powerful search engine
it can’t search
the chappals u lost at the temple 😀

Computer is not working as per my command

Wife: Dear, this computer is not working as per my command.
Husband: Exactly darling!
its a computer, not a Husband..!


GODS are also I.T. Engineers

GODS are also I.T. Engineers

System installer

System supporter

System Programmer

Data transfer



Google turns 12 this year

Google turns 12 this year..
This means we only have one more year to use it,
before it turns into a teenager and won’t answer anything!

Allah certainly keeps watch over you

Have fear of the One by whose Name you swear to settle
your differences and have respect for your relatives.
Allah certainly keeps watch over you.
Jumma Mubarak!

O Allah! Our Lord!

“O Allah! Our Lord!
Give us good in this world and good in the Hereafter,
and defend us from the torment of the Fire!” (Bukhari, Prayer, 55)
Jummah Mubarak!



F R I D A Y:
F = Farz Allah Ka Aada Karo
R = Rab Ko Razi Karo
I = Ibadat Dil Se Karo
D = Durood Kasrat Se Parho
A = Allah Se Maango
Y = Yaad Rakho Mujhe DUA ME…

Allah’s Messenger

Narrated Abu Hurairah (RA): Allah’s
Messenger (SAW) talked about Friday
And said: ‘There is an hour on Friday
And if a Muslim gets it while offering
Salat (prayer) and asks something from
Allah (SWT), then Allah (SWT) will definitely
Meet his demand.’ And he (the Prophet (SAW)
Pointed out the shortness of that
Particular time with his hands.

From One Friday To Next

Whoever Reads Surah-Al Kahf On Jumma,
Allah Promises He Would Have Light
In His Life That Shines
From One Friday To Next.
I Wish You Too Have The Same
With Blessings Through Out The Week.
Jumma Mubarak.