Teachers Day SMS

We are fortunate

We are fortunate
we had a teacher as wonderful loving and caring as You.
*Happy Teacher’s Day*

The way you teach

The way you teach..
The knowledge you share..
The care you take..
The love you shower..
Makes you..
The world’s best teacher..
Happy Teacher’s Day!

The Award for the

The Award for the most wonderful teacher
has been declared and it goes to You.
Happy Teachers day!!


A Million Beautiful Days

A Million Beautiful Days
Would Not Be Too Many And
A Million Knowledge
Would Be To Few To Express About Your Teachings
I Thanks God For Giving Me Such A Teacher Like U
Wishing U A Happy Teacher Day.

I found guidance

I found guidance,
Discipline and love,
in one person.
And that person is you Sir.
Happy Teachers Day!

What we are Today

What we are Today!
Dear Teacher,
Thanks for making us what we are Today.
Happy Teachers Day.

Let us salute

Let us salute the nation builder.
Let us salute the creater of our destiny.
Let us salute our teachers.


Teacher is a person who

Teacher is a person who
always helps everybody to get the knowledge
and always stands beside the students
when they have problems.
Thanks for being there Madam/Sir.
Happy Teachers Day!!!

For Teaching Children

For Teaching Children Lessons,
To Help Them As They Grow,
Let This Gift Remind You,
You’re The Best Teacher We Know.

The most extraordinary thing

The most extraordinary thing
About a really good teacher
Is that he or she transcends
Accepted educational methods.
Happy Teacher’s Day!