“HEART” ki company

“HEART” ki company kavalante nannu gurtu pettuko,
”ONTARI” anipiste naaku sms chey!,
”DUKHAM” vaste naato matladu e offer validity naa
“OOPIRI” unnantha varaku.

  1. narayanarao says:


  2. KUMAR says:

    ani prapanchaniki vina padela niku propose cheyyalani ….vundi
    Dani kanna 1 sec mundu
    Nuvvu naku I LOVE YOUUUUUU
    ani chepte vinalani vundi ra……

  3. Ravi says:

    super brooooo….

  4. sunny says:

    Nuvu love chesav kadha

  5. Janaki says:

    Nice really heart touching quotes

  6. flora johnson says:

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  7. parthi says:

    Kumar bro very nice ya



  9. sandy says:

    Super ra mam

  10. srinath says:

    Great feeling ,kumar bro

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