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Valentine’s Day SMS: Please be my…

Please be my
V: Valentine
A: At all times and be my
L: Love that’s
E: Everlasting and
N: Never-ending. And we remain
T: Together forever
I: In good times and bad
N: Now please be mine till
E: Eternity!
Happy Valentine’s day!

Love SMS: My past says…

My past says u met me
My future says u will care 4 me
My present says u will understand me
But my heart says u will
Always Remember ME!

Valentine’s Day Funny SMS: Young BOYS praying…

Young BOYS praying 2 “GOD
plz give me a beautiful Gal frnd
on upcoming *valentines day*

God replied:- Sorry allready 2
million Boys r waiting for

Happy Valentine’s Day SMS: The way you laugh…

The way you laugh, makes me smile;
The way you talk, gives me butterflies;
Everything about you, makes me happy.
Can you make me happy for the
entire lifetime by being my Valentine?

Happy Valentine’s Day SMS: U dnt hav…

U dnt hav 2 ask f i care. in evry word u say,
fil free 2 tel ur worries & realyz dt
im here 4 now 4 always & 4 evr 4u exclusvely…
Happy Valetines Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day SMS: Here is my heart…

Here is my heart, it is yours so take it,
Treat it gently, please do not break it.
Its full of love thats good and true,
So please keep it always close to u.

Happy Valentine’s Day SMS: Every time…

Every time i miss you, a star falls.
So if you ever look up at the sky and the stars are gone,
its because you made me miss you too much!
Be my Valentine!

Happy Valentine’s Day SMS: Measured by miles…

Measured by miles, you’re far away;
Measured by thoughts, you’re close to me;
Measured by closed eyes, you’re with me;
Measured by heart, you’re always in me.
But every way, I miss you!
Happy Valentine’s day!

Happy Valentine’s Day SMS: Ur my strength…

Ur my strength, My luv, My heart.
Ur luvn touch I long 4 so mch,
Ur voice so softly dat whispers i’m
ur’s 4ever b mine my baby I LOVE U.

Happy Valentine’s Day SMS: Its not that…

Its not that I love you
because you are beautiful,
but you are beautiful becuase I love you.