Good Night SMS For Friends

When all the Bird

When all the Bird leave the sky
When all ocean will dry,
When all ur friends will say u buy,
Then I Will be there to say u “HI”
Good Night.

A spcl face

A spcl face,
a spcl smile,
a spcl sm1,
a spcl hug 4rm me 2 u,
a spcl prsn,
I found in u,
Sweet Dreams, Sleep well..

Hiding in A Little corner

##\’o’ )
Hiding in
A Little corner. . . . .
Dun want 2 disturb U. . .


Ur dream determines Ur goals

Ur dream determines Ur goals,
Ur goals map out Ur actions,
Ur actions create results,
And the results bring u success.!
Good Nite my Friend have a nice dreams.

Pillow Bed Blanket

<> <> Pillow
!!====!! Bed
??????: Blanket
All sending u Now sleep like a

3-2= 1 heart

3-2= 1 heart praying 4 you,
1+1= 2 eyes looking 4 you,
3+3= 5 senses missing you,
4+3= 7 days in a week i desire you,
7+5= 12 months asking god to bless you.

A GOOD message

A GOOD message for a
GOOD person from a
GOOD friend for a
GOOD reason at a
GOOD time on a
GOOD day in a
GOOD mood to say
GUD NIGHT n sweet dreams..


Go to edit option

Go to edit option and & place the cursor above the mouth ….

= –>)

It looks like ,

Talking .. Try it..

It is saying “GOOD NIGHT”

sweet dreams

| |G |
| |*o*|
| |,;*o*;,|
| |,;*”D”*;,|

sweet dreams….

Good Night

:::::Ö:::::D D
___/, \___
\ . /