Attitude SMS

Feel The Change

Attitude Matters:
Don’t Say:
‘No One Likes Me.’

Just Say:
‘There Is No One Like Me.’

Feel The Change.

So Live Your Life As You Love.

I never worry about people

I never worry about people who are
so quick to point out problems.


they aren’t so quick to do
something to solve them.

I’m Not Totally Usless

An Excellent Positive Statement:
“I’m Not Totally Usless..
I Can Still Be Used As An
Example Of Uselessness..
Thats The Attitude..!

I love my attitude

Some people say “Never forget me..
Some people say “Remember me always..
But I love my attitude..
So I say..
“Forget me if u can.

Don’t get confused

Don’t get confused
My personality
My attitude
My personality is who I am
My attitude depends on who you are!!

Great attitude for life time

Great attitude for life time:

Its true that lm not perfect in many things
but even dis is true that

many things r not perfect without me.

Keep your attitude

Keep your attitude in your pocket


I will show you what it means actually.