Durga Pooja SMS

Since Navratri Is So Special To Us,
I Want To Send You This Early
Greatest Greeting Especially To You.
Forward The Word To Your Friends To Spread It!
Separate Yourself From Disgust And Hatred
Happy Durgapooja And Navratri.
Goddess Durga Prevails Permanently,
Always Abiding In Her Own
Lovely Characteristics And Lives
In The Hearts And Thoughts
And Minds Of Her Perfect Enthusiasts
Happy Durga Mata Day.
Those empty spaces were my silent prayers,
asking Maa Durga to guide & protect you
Always in whatever YOU do & wherever YOU are!
Durga Puja Khushion ka,
Ujalon ka, Umeedon ka
Is Durga puja Aapki Zindagi
khushiyon se bhari ho,
Duniya ujalo se roshan ho,
Ghar par Maa Durga ka Aagman ho
Happy Durga Puja!
Thousands od dreams for a destination,
A small hurddle may bring
interruption.Keep faith on
Maa Durga.
Ultimately she is Durgati Nasini.
Durga Ashtami Ke Roop Mein Kya
Mangu Mein Maa Se Mujhe Hai
Sab Kuch Mila Arey Khushkismat
Hoon Mein Jo Mujhe Durga
Ashtami Ke Roop Mein, Maa Durga
Ki Aaradhna Krne Ka Moka Mila.
May Maa Durga EMPOWER u
with her 9 BLESSINGS of
Name, Fame,
Health, Wealth,
Happiness, Humanity,
Gyaan, Bhakti & Shakti!
May goddess Durga bless you
Like she blessed Lord Rama
to fight the evil,
like he fought Ravana
Happy Durga Pooja.
Those empty spaces were my silent prayers,
asking Maa Durga to guide & protect YOU
always in whatever YOU do & wherever YOU are!
Happy Navratri and Durga Puja !!!
I’m wishing that you have the most
wonderful celebration of Durga Puja.
Treasure the moments and
have fun with your family.
I’m sending my heartiest greetings
to everyone in the family.
Happy Durga Puja!
Long live the tradition of Hindu culture,
as the generations have passed by,
Hindu culture is getting stronger and stronger
lets keep it up.
Best Wishes for Dashain.
May this Puja,
Light up for you,
The hopes of happy times,
And dreams for a year full of smiles.
Wish you Happy Durga Puja!
Choti Si Zindgi Mein Fikr Bahoot Hai,
Maar Dalti Ye Dunia Kab Ka Hamain,
‘Durga Maa’
Ki Aashirwad Mein Asar Bahoot Hai.!!
Happy Durga Pooja !
May maa bring joy to you
And your loved ones
Happy durga puja to you!
Durga Puja Blessings.
Sisir bheja bhorer batas..
Jholmole rod, khusir abhas..
Rat shesher chander alo..
Puja asche janiye dilo.
Hullor adda prem abakash
Du haat diye dakche akash..
Subho Durga Puja !
Memories of moments celebrated together
Moments that have been attached in my heart forever
Make me Miss You even more this Festival
Hope this Durga Puja brings in Good Fortune
And Long lasting happiness for you!
Khushian Ho Overflow,
Masti Kabhi Na Ho Low,
Apnonka Surur Chaya Rahe,
Dil Me Bhari Maya Rahe,
Shohrat Ki Ho Bauchhar,
Aisa Aaye Aapke Liye Dandia Ka teyohar,
Happy Durga Puja.