Happy Promise Day Wishes

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Happy Promise Day Image
Promise to always love you
Promise you my love,
Promise you my life,
Promise to always trust you,
I must have been born under
A lucky star to find a friend
As nice as you are,
I will follow the rainbow
To the end, if you promise
To remain my friend!
Happy Promise Day Image
Oh My Sweetheart,
I Promise You I Never Leave You Alone,
I Would Keep You Every Moment In My Heart,
If You Go Away From Me,
I Promise I Would Search You From
Any Corner Of This World And Make You Mine
Happy Promise Day.
Happy Promise Day Image
Speaking Without Egos,
Loving Without Intentions,
Caring Without Expectations,
I Promise You That You Will
Be Mine Always.
Happy Promise Day.
Happy Promise Day Image
On This Very Auspicious Day,
I Give To You All My Trust
Wishes And Promise That I Will
Remain Forever True, Everything
We Do Throughout Our Lives
Will Be An Everlasting Testament
To Our Devotion To Each Other.
Happy Promise Day.
Love is passionate, Love is blind,
There is no better promise I can make,
That I will be the best you can find.
We Are Meant To Be Together
And Always Be Near Through
The Good Times And Bad One.
Happy Promise Day!
Promise to yourself to be positive in life & keep smiling.
Happy Promise Day.
God Didn’t Promise Days Without
Pain, Laughter Without Sorrow,
Sun Without Rain, But He Did
Promise Strength For The Day,
Comfort For The Tears, And Light
For The Way Happy Promise Day.
“Don’t promise me anything,
Just say you are mine forever,
I will make all the promises,
To stay with you now and ever!”
I Do Not Promise You The Moon, I Do
Not Promise You The Star, But If
You Promise To Remember
Me, I Promise To Be Always There.
Thinking Of You On This Promise Day.