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Happy Propose Day Image
Love is to see someone even with closed eyes,
Love is to find someone in every thought,
Love is to live for someone in every moment,
Please let that someone always be me,
Happy propose day
Happy Propose Day Image
On this special day, Best wishes go to you,
That this wonderful love you,
Share lasts your lifetime through.
Happy Propose Day…
Happy Propose Day Image
As days go by, My feelings get stronger,
To be in your arms, I cant wait any longer.
Look into my eyes and you will see that its true,
Day and Night my thought are of you.
Happy Propose day.

Propose Day Images

Happy Propose Day Image
You are like the sunshine so warm, You are like sugar,
so sweet You are like You And that’s the reason Why I Love You.
Happy Propose Day.
The hour I spend with you I look upon as sort of perfumed garden,
a dim twilight, and a fountain singing to it. Will yo be mind.
Happy Propose Day!
If I know what love is, it is because of you…
Happy Propose Day!
I consider that it will be found,
Much better by all parties,
To leave The past to history,
Especially as I propose,
To write that history myself.
I Love You.
The First Time I Saw You,
I Noticed My Heart Beat Faster
& The Situation Is Same For Now
Maybe Im In Love With You.
Happy Propose Day.
If Roses were Black and violets were brown
my love for you would never be found
but roses r red and violets are blue
all I want to say is I LUV U!
“Happy Propose Day”
Good time or Bad times, I’ll always be there to cheer u up,
Or just to hold your hand and say I know How you feel and I care for me.
Happy Propose Day.