Victory Day SMS

No Nation Is Perfect

“No Nation Is Perfect,
It Needs To Be Made Perfect”
Happy Victory day.

Bijoy Shudhu

Bijoy Shudhu Ekti Shobdo Noy.
Bijoy Buker Vitor Shupto Valobashar Topto Udgiron.
Bijoy Lal-Sobuj er Potakar Proticchobi.
Shuvo Bijoy Dibos.

Today we are miles

Today we are miles apart but I wanna
reach across the miles and say I am
thinking of you in a very special way!

Sroddhyay Obonoto

Sroddhyay Obonoto Hoi Tader Proti,
Jara Mrityu Voy Ke Tuccho Kore
Buker Lal Rokte Likhechilen
Bijoy Shobdo Ti
Shuvo Bijoy Dibos!

Our Life Is Full of Colors

Our Life Is Full of Colors.
I Hope This 16th December
Will Add More Colors To Your Life.
Happy Victory Day.