Friendship Day SMS, Messages, Quotes, and Pictures

If friends were flowers I would not pick you! I’ll let you grow in the garden & Cultivate you with love and care. So I can keep you as a friend forever! Happy Friendship Day!
Flower remembers bees, Fish remembers water, Tree remembers the rain, At this moment I remember you! To say happy friendship day to U!
A single candle can illuminate an entire room. A true friend lights up an entire life. Thank you for bringing this light of friendship in my life. Happy Friendship Day!
Small anger, silly fights, serious jokes, sensitive feelings, senseless speeches, million sorry, billion thanks, few questions, unlimited answers, no hesitation, full trust. Mixture of all above is what we call *FRIENDSHIP* 🙂 Happy friendship day!

.+” “+.+” “+.
‘.     wish      .’
“+.    U  .+”
2011, “MY Wish You for best wish” …..