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Gone yet not forgetten,
although we are apart,
your memory lives with in me,
forever in my heart.
RIP Quotes for Friend
“You were a man who fought in lots of wars,
you were a winner in life
but even a man like you can avoid the death,
good bye my friend, you are a role model for everyone”
RIP Quotes for Friend
Rest in peace friend,
we know you are in a better place
and one day we shall meet again.

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RIP Quotes
“After a lifetime of love and joy,
and music to fill our ears,
God leaves these precious memories
to help us through our tears”
RIP Quotes
Now he is in heaven taking care of us,
let’s live happy and his soul will be happy too,
He Rest in Peacse and his Spirit is with GOD.
RIP Quotes
“Today I say good bye to you
and I’m sad because I’ll miss talk to you,
ask for an advice and cry in your shoulder
in those bad days, good bye forever my friend,
I’m sure you are in heaven now”
RIP Quotes
“Your soul will rest in peace,
You always did the right thing,
When I asked you for help, You always did,
When I didn’t know what to do, You gave me confidence,
Everybody will Miss You.”
RIP Quotes
May the departed soul
“Rest in Peace” my thoughts
and prayers are with you at this moment.
RIP Quotes
Your days in this world were full of love and happiness;
I learned from you many things.
Never give up, laugh about my problems
and try to be the best in everything I do,
thanks for everything,
Rest in Peace
RIP Quotes
Death is the last chapter in time, but the first chapter in eternity.