Goodnight Paragraphs for Her
Your eyes shine like the moonlight, your smile sparkles like the stars. You’re a special gift from heaven to my life. I love you with every single beat of my heart. Good night.
Good Night Messages
Night is a nice gift, so open the gift by closing your eyes, you will see the another world waiting for you. Enjoy the sweet dreams! Good Night!
Good Night Messages
Night is silent; night is beautiful; night is calm; night is quiet… But night is not complete without wishing you good night.
Death Anniversary Messages
Remembering you is easy, I do it everyday. But missing you is a heartache that never goes away.
Good Day Messages
God has blessed us with a new day. New day comes with new hopes and new opportunities. May all your plans succeed. Have a great day.
Good Evening Messages for Her
I wish you enjoy your evening with joy and laughter, peace at your heart because my love these are the things that you truly deserve. I love you so much, have a great time.
Good Evening Messages for Him
Evenings are always the best way to calm all the time to make coffee, I have prepared you a cup full, I will be waiting for my love. Good evening.
Good Evening Messages
Hope you relax your day with a fine cup of coffee and have a blessed evening enjoying the beauty of nature. Have a great evening.
Good Morning SMS
May your day be beautiful, peaceful, happy, healthy, abundant and filled with the love. Good Morning.
Good Morning Wishes
May this morning offer you new hope for life! May you be happy and enjoy every moment of it. Good morning!
Good Morning Wishes
Every new morning is a new beginning of life. Forget the past and live the present. Good Morning.
Good Morning SMS
Start Your day with the sweetest smile. Good Morning, Enjoy a lovely day.
Good Morning Wishes
May your day be filled with positive things and full of blessings. Believe in yourself. Good morning!
Good Morning SMS
Life gives us new opportunities every day, so hoping today will be full of good luck and prosperity for you! Good morning!
Love Breakup Quotes
Every moment we have spent together will be
a memory that I will hold close to my heart.
But now is the time to move on and make a new start.
We are breaking up but I don’t regret
being girlfriend and boyfriend.
We have always understood each other
and I hope our friendship never ends.
Love Breakup Quotes
The problem with our relationship was that you kept
thinking about the fights we had in the past while
I kept thinking about the smiles we would share in the future.
Love Breakup Quotes
Our breakup will hurt me as much as it hurts you,
but it is something that we must do.
Our fights and arguments have ripped our love to shreds,
there’s no point in trying to revive something that is already dead.
Love Breakup Quotes
Heartbreak is something that I never wanted to give to you.
My decision to dump you is going to hurt me too.
But I don’t expect you to understand any of this,
you concern for our relationship has always been remiss.
Love Breakup Quotes
When I loved you,
I loved you so much that
I never thought of hating you.
But now that I hate you,
I hate you so much that
I can never think of loving you again.
Love Breakup Quotes
Our relationship was not a mistake
but it is definitely something
I would not want to do again.
We are so different that being in
love causes us both so much pain.
I Like You Image
Thinking about you doesn’t
give me reasons to smile.
But it makes me smile
without any reason.
I like you.
I Like You Image
Sharing the journey of life with you makes it romantic and loving;
the bonding I share with you is love and I like it to remain the
same for the rest of my life. Be with me always and forever.
Miss You Images for Boyfriend
Like a day without sunshine
Morning without coffee
Song without beats
Life, without memories
Rainbow without colors
Forest without trees
Is how empty I feel
When you are not with me.
I miss you
Miss You Images for Boyfriend
Your eyes are boundless,
I look at them and
I do not feel the bottom,
and I melt in your warm hands.
I miss you, come back soon
and give me happiness.
Miss You Images for Boyfriend
I cry alone so that no one knows
I often take a walk alone I do not want
To show the world that I am in pain
But I surely want you to know
That I am missing you so much my love
Life is not the same without you
Please come back and give me back
My life and my lost glee
I am missing you so much!
Miss You Images for Boyfriend
I Miss you more when I am lonely
Miss you more in the darkness of life
I ought to see you in my thoughts
Whenever there is a pain in strive
I miss you more than me I know
And I am waiting for a day in life
When you will come back and hug me back
I am really missing you so much
And your loving touch
Please come back soon my love!
Miss You Images for Boyfriend
Time just takes away my peace of mind
When you are not there beside me
I feel the pain in my heart my love
It’s like life is full of shove
That shove that forces me to cry
And ask answers to why
You are not there besides me
I am really missing you to thee
Please come back soon!
Miss You Images for Boyfriend
My heart aches for you
My eyes cry for you
My senses long for you
I feel numb without you
My smiles wither without you
My soul thirsts for you
My body shivers without you
Please, tell me what to do
I miss you
Miss You Image for Girlfriend
Loving you is the most beautiful pleasure I have ever experienced…
but missing you is the ugliest pain I have ever suffered.
I miss you too much.
Miss You Image for Girlfriend
Like a tree, withering away without rain
Like a bird, trapped mercilessly in a cage
Like a fish, doing circles in a tiny bowl
Like a tiger, chained and loathing in rage
Like a flower, dying under the harsh sun
Like a lake, drying up in a drought
This is how I feel from within
When I’m lost in your thoughts.
I miss you
Miss You Image for Girlfriend
Can you feel the love my girl
Can you feel the pain I am going through
Can you feel all the moments that
Prove that I am so missing you
I am missing you being besides me
I am missing you so much my love
My love that you can see
I miss you so much..I love you so much!
Miss You Image for Girlfriend
Someone to hug, someone to kiss.
Someone to talk to, someone to caress.
Someone to make me smile, someone to make me laugh.
Someone to love, someone to make me feel complete.
YOU are the only person who can fill the shoes
of all these SOMEONEs.
I miss you.
Miss You Image for Girlfriend
I am missing your warm hug,
The warmth of your kiss,
Baby when you are not around,
I really miss you,
Please come back soon!
Miss You Image for Girlfriend
I don’t know how you’re coping up
With being hundreds of miles away
But I feel like a star in the sky
Fading away, day after day
It’s been too long since
The last time we were together
Without you, life means nothing to me
It feels like everything is over.
I miss you
Miss You Image for Girlfriend
If it is bright and sunny, I miss you because you are the light of my life.
If it is raining, I miss you because I feel like hugging you in the rain.
If it is a night with a clear sky, I miss you because the moon
and the stars remind me of romantic times we have spent together.
I miss you.
Miss You Image for Girlfriend
So missing your tight hugs
So missing your cuddly ways
So missing your kiss on my cheek
So missing the way we danced
So missing that gazing of the sky
Sitting on that rock,
When will you come back
I am missing you so much my life
I love you a lot, I miss you a lot!
Miss You Image for Girlfriend
I’m missing you now
I missed you before
I’ll keep missing you
My heart will go sore
It’s not my fault
What can I do
If I just can’t stop
Thinking about you
I feel like a lost puppy
Looking out for some TLC
In other words, I just
Want you to hug me.
Miss You Image for Girlfriend
Missing you is not just a habit,
it is a deadly addiction.
Missing you is not just a compulsion,
it is a painful desperation.
I miss you girl.
Miss You Image for Girlfriend
You are always on my mind
There is not a moment to unwind
Since the time you have left my girl
I am not as I used to be
It’s everywhere you I can feel
All your memories keep haunting me
I am missing you so much,
I am missing your touch!
Miss You Image for Girlfriend
I miss your smile, I miss your voice
If I got to see you i would rejoice
I miss your lips, I miss your kiss
The way it makes my life full of bliss
I miss you face, I miss your eyes
I hated when we exchanged goodbyes
I miss you now, I missed you before
Please come back my heart is sore
I miss you
Miss You Image for Girlfriend
You may many many miles away from me,
but all I need to do is close my eyes to feel
as if you are sitting right here in my lap.
I miss you.
Miss You Image for Girlfriend
These days, nothing seems enough
Everything seems heaving and tough
Even smiles don’t make sense
The mist in my eyes has become dense
Nothing I do, seems fun anymore
I keep feeling very sad and sore
It’s because, when you are not around
In shackles, life seems to be bound
I miss you
Miss You Image for Girlfriend
The tears in my eyes say it all
I do not feel like talking any more
This distance has surely made me weak
It has taken something away from me
You are my strength and my love
I want you to come back soon
I am missing you so much!
Miss You Image for Girlfriend
Just like how a beautiful day is incomplete without the bright SUN
and a picture perfect night is incomplete without the radiant MOON
and shining STARS, I am incomplete without YOU.
I miss you.
Miss You Image for Girlfriend
I am a loner and the reason is clear
Simply as you are not there besides
There is nothing to by happy about
I am not the same and wise
I have lost all my feelings,
I am longing for your love some more
Baby come back in my life
Give me back the love I need
I am missing you so much!
Miss You Image for Girlfriend
The worst day of my life
Is when you went overseas
I have desperately waited
Pleading, Come Back Please
Days have passed and become months
Almost a year has gone by
Just thinking about how long it’s been
Makes me feel like I want to cry
I miss you
Miss You Image for Girlfriend
I may have many reasons to smile,
I have reasons to cheer,
But, I also have reasons to cry,
Coz you are not near,
Miss you so much my dear!
Miss You Image for Girlfriend
When you are with me, my life feels like the sight
of a clear blue sky jeweled with a vibrant rainbow.
When you are away from me, my life feels like
the scary silence of a pitch black night.
I miss you.
Take Care Wishes
Care is sweetest form of love. When someone says take care it really means that you will stay in their heart till its last beat. So Take Care.
Take Care Messages
Here’s Wishing You Take Good Care Of Yourself.
Take Care Wishes
True care cannot be expressed in words, it can be expressed only through possessiveness and anger when you get close to others… Take Care Dear.
Bon Voyage Quote
Enjoy your stay and have a good time,
This time won’t come again,
Leave behind your stress and strain,
And soak in all the fun,
Bon voyage and have a good time!
Bon Voyage Quote
Travel as if your life depends on it.
Because decades later, the happiness
in your life will actually depend on
reflecting on the memories that you make today.
Bon voyage.
Bon Voyage Quote
Lucky are you to get such a holiday
You can do everything you want
Get a memory for yourself from the place
And that also you can flaunt
So have an amazing time
Bon voyage to you!
Bon Voyage Quote
Traveling is an expense which yields great returns
in the form of priceless memories and enlightening experiences.
Bon voyage.
Bon Voyage Quote
Life is not about the number of destinations you have seen,
but the number of journeys you have experienced.
Bon voyage.
Bon Voyage Quote
Discover yourself as you are going for a trip of life
Know what is really yours to strive
You will see the many ways coming along
It’s a true calling to where you belong
A soul trip only for you
Bon voyage!
Bon Voyage Quote
You are lucky to be able to travel so much for business,
I am a little jealous of you, I confess.
I wish you not just success, but also tons of happiness.
Bon voyage.
Bon Voyage Quote
Life is a journey. Don’t imprison yourself in a rut.
Break free and travel. Wander as if you’re lost.
It’s the only way to discover yourself.
Bon voyage.
Bon Voyage Quote
Do crazy things in your mind
This is your time to unwind
Coz time and tide are also with you
Going on a trip makes up for few
Just leave your stress behind and have fun
Coz you are and will remain the number one
Be as you are and enjoy your holidays
Bon voyage to you!
Bon Voyage Quote
Traveling isn’t about looking and watching,
it’s about feeling and experiencing.
Bon voyage.
Bon Voyage Quote
Sure traveling is fun and exploring places is cool
But it’s not about the selfies and pictures you take
If you are with your family then it’s also about the
Many moments that you make
So have an amazing trip ahead as planned
Bon voyage to you!
Bon Voyage Quote
May your travels cure the biggest worries of your life,
I wish a happy journey to you and your wife.
Bon voyage.
I Hate You Message for Girlfriend
I am heartbroken, but at least my love was true.
Time will erode the heartbreak, but I will never stop hating you.
I Hate You Message for Girlfriend
Love is blind and I hope it continues to be.
I can’t blame love just because you betrayed me.
I hate you.
I Hate You Message for Girlfriend
My life was a beautiful medley
of smiles and priceless memories
when I loved you from the bottom of my heart.
But thanks to you, my life has now become
a mosaic of nightmares, loneliness and heartbreak.
I hate you.
I Hate You Messages for Friends
My silence is not my weakness.
It is my strength to push negative
influences like you out from my life.
I hate you.
I Hate You Messages for Friends
Hurt, pain, embarrassment and humiliation is what you have caused to me.
You have given me scars that no one will ever be able to see.
I hate you.
I Hate You Messages for Ex-Boyfriend
I hope you feel better, now that you have betrayed my trust.
I hope your wicked heart rots alone, gathering dust and rust.
I hate you boy.
I Hate You Messages for Ex-Boyfriend
Hate is a very small word to describe how I feel about you now, that you have broke my heart.
I won’t even care explaining it because I want you to understand when someone does the same thing to you.
I hate you.
Sorry Messages for Boyfriend
I am sorry, and I am waiting to rest my head on your strong shoulders again.
I am sorry, and I am waiting to be hugged by your caring arms again.
I am sorry, and I am waiting to be loved by your beautiful soul again.
I am sorry… I just want you to make me smile again.
Sorry Messages for Boyfriend
Take me back in your arms, hold me close tightly.
Feel my heavy breath, as I tender my apology.
Hold my hands, nervous and sweaty.
Look into my eyes as I say sorry.
Give me a hug, give me a kiss.
Let’s again embrace, our love’s bliss.
Sorry Messages for Girlfriend
I am not saying sorry
just because I understand
the difference between right and wrong.
I am saying sorry also because our relationship
is more important to me than my ego.
I love you.
Sorry Messages for Girlfriend
Being my girlfriend I know you have the right to be angry,
but don’t forget that being your boyfriend,
I too have the right to pamper
you until you accept my apology.
I am sorry.
Sorry Messages for Girlfriend
Just like the words I Love You,
the value of the words
I Am Sorry too does not decrease
no matter how many times
they are said or repeated.
I am sorry.
Sorry Messages for Girlfriend
By lying to you I broke your heart.
But in doing so I broke mine too.
I made the biggest mistake of my life,
by betraying a love so true.
I am sorry.
Sorry Messages for Friends
Sorry is the only word I got here.
But my tears means the whole world.
Sorry my dear friend!
Sorry Messages for Friends
I’m very sorry for all the lies I told you.
It just so happened that it was so complicated.
But I swear, I didn’t meant to hurt you.
My friend, I was about to tell you everything
and nothing but the whole truth.
I’m so sorry!
Sorry Messages for Friends
I know saying sorry is just not enough
for how much I hurt you but I’ll say
it a million times until you forgive me.
I am sorry.
William Shakespeare, King Henry VI Winter Quote
Thus sometimes hath the brightest Day a Cloud;
And after Summer, evermore succeeds
Barren Winter, with his wrathful nipping Cold.
– William Shakespeare, King Henry VI
Good Afternoon Wishes with Flowers
The rising of sun is the morning time
and the setting of sun is the evening time.
When it is above your head it is the noon time.
Have a hot and warm Noon.
Good Afternoon Wishes
Morning is gone,
Evening is going to come,
But live what you want in present,
I wish you a happy afternoon!
Good Afternoon Wishes
The Morning spent with your family,
The Afternoon spent with your works,
The Evening spent with your friends,
The Night spent with your dreams,
All make a perfect day,
Have a Happy Noon!
Good Afternoon Wishes
The afternoon is not only the
Middle of the day
It is the time to complete
Our essential task
And go ahead in life
Good Afternoon!
Good Afternoon Wishes with Pink Flower
Meaning of noon is not just only middle of the day
but it is the harder time to do anything in our life.
So across this noon happily. Good Afternoon!
Good Afternoon Message
My wishes will always be with you,
Morning wish to make you feel fresh,
Afternoon wish to accompany you,
Evening wish to refresh you,
Night wish to comfort you with sleep,
Good Afternoon!
Good Afternoon Wishes with White Flowers
Be bright like the afternoon sun
and let everyone who sees you feel
inspired by all the great things you do.
You have one life here on earth.
Make it count in whatever way you can.
Good Afternoon!
Good Afternoon Message
Sweet things to be remembered,
Good things to be remembered,
Pleasant persons to be remembered,
Afternoon is the best time for it,
Just think of me all the above will be get done,
Good Afternoon.
Good Evening Quotes
Mornings may be the most important part of the day.
Afternoons may be the most hectic part of the day.
Nights may be the most rejuvenating part of the day.
But evenings are definitely the most romantic part of the day.
Good evening.
Good Evening Quotes
Evenings allow you to forget
the bitter worries of the day
and get ready for the sweet
dreams of night.
Good evening.
Good Evening Quotes
The sun sets in the evening today with the promise
that it will rise again tomorrow.
Here’s hoping that this awesome day
comes to a close with the promise
that there will be better tomorrow.
Good evening.
Good Evening Quotes
Evenings are the beautifully sweet spot
between the harsh light of the day
and the dead darkness of night.
Good Evening Quotes with Flowers
Your morning was productive,
Your afternoon excellent.
Your track record for the day says that
Your evening will be brilliant.
Good evening.
Good Evening Quotes
As the sun drowns in the sea today,
May it take away all your worries away.
As it rises from the bay tomorrow,
May it bring you the promise
Of a life without sorrow.
Good evening.
Good Evening Quotes
A bright new start, a brand new opening.
A bold new launch, a fantastic beginning.
I hope every single day of yours,
Turns out to be beautifully amazing.
Good evening.
Good Evening Quotes
Evenings are your chance to forget
the mistakes you made during the day,
so for the sweetest of dreams,
you can pave the way.
Good evening.
Good Evening Quotes
A beautiful twilight signifies
the impending dawn of new dreams
and ambitions in life.
Good evening.
Good Evening Quotes
The sun will rise and set.
The stars will appear and disappear.
The clouds will gather and later wither
nothing can stop nature’s cycle,
just like nothing can stop you from succeeding.
Good evening.
Congratulations Wishes for your New Home
May your new home keep you cozy in winter,
cool in summer and sheltered during the rains.
May your new home also give you a prosperous life
full of happiness and free of pains.
Goodbye Quotes for Friends
Sorry, for all the times
I may have unknowingly
hurt your feelings
and caused you pain.
Goodbye My Friend,
Until We Meet Again.