Family SMS

Every sister suportz his brother 4 his
love cos sisterz knw ‘wat love is?’
n evry brother dosn’t suportz his sister 2
love cos he knows ‘who boys are?’..
Most Superior example of love in our life:

When apples are 3 &
we are 4 members in the house.,

Then mom says,
I dont like apples!
Girl: Dad.. my teacher ask me what ur dad do?
Dad: What u said?

Girl: I said he works in a chocolate factory.. and brings lots of chocolate for me?

In evening he works in an ice-cream parlor… and i eat my fvr8 flavor?

He also works in a toys shop.. and bring me soft and cuddy teddy’s?

Sometimes he is a teacher also bcoz
He helps me in my homework.. He is very strong and hard-worker..
He works from morning to evening… and nvr get tired nd always there for me..?
Dad.. did i said right..??

Dad: I Love You so much my baby?
Girl: I Love You too… u to Dad?