Good Morning Wishes, Messages, Quotes, and Pictures

The brilliant way to say good morning to your loved ones is by delivery them sweet good morning messages. Here we present you with tons of wonderful and eloquently written messages that you can send to your friends, family, colleagues or any other person that matters in your life.

Happiness is not something u postpone 4 d future.
It’’s somethng u design 4 d present.
Make each moment a happy one.
I just did it by remembring U!
Good Morning !
/ .—-._/
/ /__/””/
/ ____./ööd
/ /\ /\ \
On The Canvas Of Life . .We Often Go Of Colour . .
But As Long As
People Like U There To Add The Right Shades
Life Goes On To Be A Rainbow
good morning.
Bells Give Us Tinkls
Fountains Giv Us Sprinkls
Cryin Givs Us Wrinkls
N Gud Frnz Mak Us Laugh Coz
Laughin Givs Us Dimpls
🙂 GooD MorninG 🙂
Forget the things that made you sad
and remember those that made you glad.
Forget the troubles that passed away
and remember the blessings that come each day.
Good morning!
If I get ur smile,
I don’t need flowers,
If I get ur voice,
I don’t need music,
If u speak to me I don’t any body else,
If ur with me I don’t need the world.
luv you, Good Morning.
It makes me so happy,
this is what Im gonna do,
send a gud morning sms right back to you,
Good Morning my Friend,
‘2 GET & 2 GIVE”
Creates too many Problems.
Bt Living with simple Attitude:
” 4GET & 4 GIVE”
Solves all the Problems..
Be consistent in effort no matter
how inconsistent the results….
Good morning..!!!
Hey, Good Morning! Rise and shine!
As you open your eyes to greet the morning sun,
I wish that you would be well and fine.
Yesterday is for “m e m o r i e s”
Tommorow is an ” i m a g i n a t i o n ”
But Today is ” REAL GIFT ”
Sørry MY turtle
¿J ¿J ¿J
I wanted 2 wish u gøød night
But he walked 2 sløw

Gøød Mørning..
Lovely thought of d day-
Worries are like a bird, let them fly over u..
Bt, dont give them a chance to build a nest on ur head.!!:-)
Good Morning.
Dear customer ur sleeping time has expired.
Now u can not use bed any more.
To subscribe again please wait for
Good morning.
i am a bird
( ‘ > standing
/) ) at ur
/,,/ window,

waiting 4 u 2 say


Have a Nice day.
Like a candle in the dark
. ‘ , ‘ .
, .(). ,
| |
| |

may the Love
of GOD shine
in ur life.
& keep u safe always.
I laugh,
I love,
I hope,
I try
I hurt,
I need,
I fear,
I cry.
And I know you do the same things too, So we’re really not that different, me and you ”
(¯`•¸·´¯) (¯`•¸·´¯)
In Dis Era of…
E-mail, E-papr,
Let’s not 4get E-eshwar’who makes.
E-verything E-asy 4 E-veryone E-veryday..
Gud mrng.
,+””-., ,.-“”+,
G( ~_~) (~_~ )D
Have Cool Smile
On Ur Face.
See how beautifully
God has added one
More day in your life
Not necessarily bcoz
You need it
But because
Someone else
Might need “u”
Good Morning.
Smile increases value of face,
Anger spoils beauty of soul,
Faith is force of life,
Confidence is companion of success,
So keep smiling.
gOOd mOrning.
The world does not need more mountains to
climb, More seas to cross, or more stars to shine,
…What the world needs is
only more of U & UR smile!!
On A Marvelous Month,
On A Fresh Morning,
When The Calendar Slides,
When The Clock Creeps,
A Handsome Smiling Face Wakes U Up.
Its The Job Given By Me To The Sun
To Woke U Up My Dear Friend.
He Will Always Smile At U.
To Show My Friendship.
A morning greeting doesn’t only mean “good morning”,
it has a silent msg saying “I have remembered u wen I wake up”.
Takecare & have a great day.
Some beautiful flowers…
to bring fragrance to your life
Wish you a Sweet Morning !!!
Bright Beautiful Dawn
Sing a Song rhythmic and long
Fly away all the fears of heart
Yours is the world
Just Make a start
Destination is Just a “Determination” Apart
Good Morning.
Life May Not Be The Party You Hoped For,
But That Doesnt Mean You Stop Celebration,
Always Remember You Are The DJ of Your Life
SPIN It, ROCK It ‘n LIVE it.. !
Good Morning.
. ‘ 12 ‘ .
9 __/ 3 ‘
‘ . 6 . ‘
Time will alwayz fly, but my FEELINGS 4 u will nvr die Gud Mrng.
Thanks to those who Hated me,
They made me a Stronger person.

Thanks to those who loved me,
They made my Heart bigger.

Thanks to those who were worried about me,
They let me know that they actually cared.

Thanks to those who left me,
They made me realize that nothing lasts forever.

Thanks to those who entered my life,
They made me who i am today.

Just want to Thank Every One .

Good Morning..!
1 Hand of Help,
1 Word of Sympathy,
1 Act of Humanity,
1 Smile of Charity,


1 Sweet “Hello” Can Change Someone’s “Mood” ‘n “Life”.. !!
Good Morning !!
People often feel something but express something else
Dey mean smthin but say smthin else
So learn d art of sayin nothin
in such a way dat it leavs nothin unsaid…
Good Morning.
Good morning 2 U,
I : magination 2 ecstasy,
L : aughed in ur smile,
O : verwhelmed with joy,
V : ery moment of U,
E : njoyed the feelings,
U : nable to exit dream.
As I am always to U.
()’”() .-””-. /),/)
(=’.’=) ( ‘.’ ) ( ‘;’)
(“)(“) (,,)(,,) (,,)(,,)
A very Shweet
Mini,Pini & Tini
Wishng u a
Cutie Cutie Gud mrng . . . . .
Gud mrng . . . Hv a nice day . . . Take care . .
I May Not Be With U,
My Thinking,
My Care,
My Msgs,
My Prayers
My Lovely Wishes R Always
With U good morning
A Morning is a Wonderful Blessing, Either Cloudy or Sunny.
It stands for Hope, giving us another start of what we call Life.
Good Morning.
:-: MORNING :-:
Sweet Thoughts
And Prayers Are Sent
Your Way To Warm
Your Heart & Bless
Your Day With Sweet Greetings.
May your salty days be peppered with spicy love.
May u bask in lemon sunshine,
play on strawberry fields,
under a vanilla sky..
in short have a Yummy day!
Morning is not only sun rise
A Beautiful Miracle of god
that defeats darkness and spread light.
This may be a very beautiful day for you.!!
:::G:::: |””‘*,
:::::0:::| () )


Hav a Nice Day.
My wishes are silent but true,
Everywhere they will follow U..
Luck is yours, wishes are mine..
I wish your present and future
always shine…Good morning.
I feel your love in my heart
I feel your warmth in night
I smell your fragrance in wine
I hear your laughter in air
I feel your fingers in my hair
I smell, I hear, I feel,
When you come to me
You touch me and I melt
MUST 4 U..
Gud Morning.
Truely said:
“Once you accept someone for what they Really are…
They will Really Surprise you
by being better than YOU ever Expected…”
Good morning !
( ¤ APPY,*,¤,


|||| ÖRNìNG
New morning
+New aim
+New decision
+New dream
+New idea
+New thinking
+New ambition
May God give u everything in life.
Wrap a rainbow of joy in ur heart,
Let the sun paint a smile on ur face,
Remove all clouds of doubt & fear
And receive god’s gift of life.
Good Morning!
Lovely relations r lyk a ring.
If we wear it, it will hold our finger tightly.
If we remove it, it will surely make us to feel its absence..!
Gud Morning.
See outside the Window,
Sun rising for U, Flowers smiling for U,
Birds Singing for U, B’coz last night
I told them to wish U GooD Morning.
Night has gone and the moon too.
Sun has arrived with the sky blue.
Open your beautiful eyes,
There is a sms for you.
Good Morning.
\G\****” H
*\O\***” A
**\O\**” V
***\D\*” E
***/M/*” N
\I \****” D
*\N\***” A
**\G\**” Y
4 a nice friend “nice morning”..
4 a sweet friend “sweet morning”
4 a loving friend “lovely morning”
4 a best friend “best wishes 4 the day ahead”
“Shweet shweet morning “”
“cold cold climate”
“hot hot tea”
“A little litle heart beat”
“says very very”
“Good Morning”..
Have a Shweet Day..
The breez his awakened the earth and sun has coloured ourworld,
The birds have added melody to the MORNING and
i hope im not late 2 wish u “GOOD MORNING”.
Very little is needed
2 have a happy Life.
it is all within urself.
in ur ways of thinkng.
No matter what u do,
do it with L0VE in ur HEART…
Gud morning ..
Always use d best cosmetics
4 ur lips TRUTH
4 ur voice PRAYER
4 ur eyes SYMPATHY
4 ur hand CHARITY
4 ur heart LOVE
4 ur face SMILE
Good Morning.
Comparsion is the best way to
judge our progress…
But not with others..
Compare Your Yesterday with your Today…
Good Morning.
“Be grateful that
you don’t have everything you want,
It means you still have an opportunity
to be happier tomorrow than you are today..”
Good Morning !
We always Work for a Better Tomorrow..
But When Tomorrow Comes,
Instead of Enjoying,
We Again Think of a Better Tomorrow!
Let’s Hve a Better Today…
( GØØD )
‘-. .-‘
( ‘;’)
(,)(,) Mörñiñg.
have a sweet day..!
I want 2 live in ur eyes nt as a dream but as a sight,
I want 2 live in ur mind nt as an idea but as a memory,
I want 2 live in ur heart nt as blood but as a beat,
I want 2 live in ur body nt as a soul but as a feeling,
I want 2 live in ur life nt as a partner but as a Lover…!!!
*Grass Is Shining With Morning Dew*
*Making The Day So Fresh nd New*
*Hope The Joy Comes Your Way*
*Best Wishes For The New Day*
;-/) )_,
Paper, Paper.
Head Lines : "Wish YoU A very Sweet [email protected]@D MorninG"
Have A Nice Day.
@>[email protected]>[email protected]>[email protected]>[email protected]>[email protected]>-

it is near abt 8:00 am and I send u A garden öf
roses specially delivered tö wish you a very very
Good morning Darling.
Morning time a cup of hot hello,
a plate of crispy wishes,
a spoon of sweet smiles,
n a slice of great success specially for u.
enjoy the day!!!!
A New Sun
A Fresh Day
A Cool Greetings
Asking u to Forget all ur Worries Sorrows & Tears for Someone
Who Wants to See You Happy. gd mrng
@(. = .)@
()”,jj, ()
()( /. )()

Do U know the meaning of morning?
Morning means One More Inning given by
“GOD” To PLAY and WIN..
Hav a winning day.gud morning.
G-get up
O-open ur eyes
O-out 4rm ur bed
D-day has risen
M-mobile beeps
O-one msg received
R-read nd joy
N-never mind
I-it’s just a
N-new way 2 wish
G-gud morning.
“ ‘:., ,*, ,/;
“.;;.,(‘v’ ),/;;
“.;;( );;”
i send A SWEET BIRD!
Knocking at ur window
just 2 say
Gudmrng.. ”
M-ake the most of it.
O-pen your heart and mind.
R-emember to thank God.
N-ever frown
I-magine me
N-othing to worry.
G-ood Morning!
for gOOd person
for a gOOd reason
at a gOOd time
On a gOOd day
In a gOOd mood
Todays weather Report:
U’ll have Rain of Blessings
Wind of Joy, Fog of Peace
Dews of Love, Snow of Happiness
& blossom of GOD’S GRACE!
Fresh flowers are waiting to disturb u
Hot coffe waiting to taste ur lips
Sun, birds, cool air – all r looking
at ur window to say u Good morning
Have nice day.
Always welcome a new day with a Smile on Ur Lips,
Love in Ur Heart & Good Thoughts in Ur Mind….
And U’ll always have a WoNderFuL DaY..
GoOd MoRnInG…
Every little SMILE can touch somebodys heart,
May You find hundreds of reasons to SMILE 2day
May You be the Reason for someone else 2 smile..
Have a SMILING Day! Good morning…
Get up!
Get up!
Nature is waiting for you to give gift
of 24″GOLDEN HOURS” for whatever
you want to do successfully.
“Good Things Follow You”..
A warm hello doesn’t come from the lips,
It comes from the heart,
Doesn’t have to be told,
It has to be shown,
Doesn’t have to be given,
It has to be sent.
”Good Morning”
Morning is a wonderful opportunity to wish to Love to Care to Smile
And to see you in good mood
Good Morning!
Have a Lovely day:-)
*;**;* Flowers
\____/ 4 U!
with the Bundlè Of Prayers!
Each petål öf each flower brìngs
My Wishes My Prayèrs 4 U.
+Hv a Nice+
I wish God made me a SMS,
so that I can reach you in 5 sec,
Cost u nothing,
u’ll read me &
I cud C U smiling which is worth a million 4 me.
Good Morning.
“Tears of EYES are Valuable”
“Speech of LIPS are Powerful”
“Heart With LOVE is Beautiful”
“Life with FRIENDS is Most Wonderful”.. !!
Good Morning.
+ ‘__//\\__’ +*
‘ *\\ Good // *’
Welcome a NewDay With a
On Your
In Your
.*”Thoughts “*.
In Your
And You Will
Have a Wonderful
.*”.”*” DAY “*”.*”.
Above the dark horizon soon
new light rays will appear.
They signify 2 all the world
a fresh new day is here.
Good Morning.

`*`MORNING`* `
An Ideal Day should begin with
A Cute little yawn on ur Face
A Cup of Coffee in ur Hand
An SMS 4m me on ur mobile?
Have a g8 day GooD MorninG
_Y__o__ 6am

.;’;’;. o
_Y_____ 7am

_Y_____ 8am

Good Morning!
G Ø;,;Ø D
G ,;*”*;,;*”*;, G
Ø ;*Mørñiñg*; Ø
Ø “,,*,,*,,*,,” Ø
D ‘+*;;*+’ D
When fragrance of roses spreads in everywhere in garden,
when rainbow displays its wonderful shades on sky,
when sun beams fall on dew drops it looks like stars,
by seeing such wonderful scenes of nature,
my heart misses some intimate one &
want to wish Good morning amidst such pleasant and blissful surroundings.
Good Morning Friend
Morning is God’s way of saying:
“One more time! Live life.
Make a difference.
Touch 1 heart.
Encourage 1 mind.
Inspire 1 soul…”
GooD Morning.
~*Beautiful Sun*~
~*Fresh Air*~
~*Sweet Birds*~
~*Blooming Flowers*~
~*Along with Me Are*~
~*Knocking Your Door*~
~*Just To Say You*~
~*Good Morning*~
D Caliber Of A Person Is Not
How Well He Prepares 4
Everything 2 Go Right,
Bt How He Stands Up nd
Moves On After Everything
Has Gone Wrong..!!
Good Morning.
– .+””-., ,.-””+,-
#( -_-) – (-_- )#
*>”)(“< >”)(“<*
-.,*,.-”” “”-.,*,.-

Lìttle åñgèls Çömiñg ur wày
2 say

*.__.* *.__.*.__.*
Sun is happy….
Moon is angry….


Moon is missing u
Sun is wishing u.
A special
Good morning.
Have a wonderfull day.
Life begins With our cry.
Life ends With others cry.
Fill this gap With as much laugh as possible”
Always be Happy and Make Others Too
Good Morning.
“Morning” is a good time to
“Remember” all d sweet things & all swt.
persons in ur “Life so Wake Up
with ur “SWEET MEMORIES To See This
Beautiful Mrng.
;;; ….. ;;;
c(“””) c(“””)
“”” ….”””
One For Me,
One For You..
Let’s Enjoy.. ..Good Morning!..:-)
SMILE is not a word, its a beautiful sentence..
S- Speak
M- More
I- In
L- Less
E- Energy…
So always keep smiling & be happy
Hv happy Day all long.