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A Collection of I Like You Quotes, Messages with Images for Him/Her.

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Sharing the journey of life with you makes it romantic and loving;
the bonding I share with you is love and I like it to remain the
same for the rest of my life. Be with me always and forever.
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Thinking about you doesn’t
give me reasons to smile.
But it makes me smile
without any reason.
I like you.
I want to steal your pain,
and give my smiles instead;
I want to take your worry and
gift my happiest moments to you;
I want to take away from all the
dark shades of color as I like you
from my heart.

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I Like You Image
I Like You Image
Until now, I lived simple
life without any problems.
But now, my life has become
complicated and full of problems.
All thanks to my crush on you.
Will you please do something about it?
When you hug me,
I can leave my worries behind.
When you take me in your arms,
I feel the sense of love.
You make my life worth living and
promise you never let me alone,
even not for a while.
I can feel it,
maybe you can feel it too.
I am crushing on you,
I hope you like me too.
Your dreamy eyes are the only drug I want to get high on.
I like you.
My heart is full of love for you
and you are the reason of my life.
You are an angel who gives me
dreams for the future.
But without you,
I cannot fulfill it.
Be mine and make the dream true.
Love you.
I hope you like me,
I hope you are crushing on me and
I hope you want to go on a date with me.
Because all the above,
I want to do with you.
I wake in the morning thinking about you,
and lay down at night with the same
beautiful thought on my mind.