I Miss You SMS

Joy Is U
Love Is U
Life Is U
U Are Everything
So How Can I Live Without U
I Miss U So Much..!
Dear Friend
I “Miss” ur “Face”
I “Miss” ur “Voice”
I “Miss” ur “Smile”
I Will Never Miss your “FRIENDSHIP”.
When someone cares 4u,
u think they r boring..
But when u really need them,
someone else might have already liked their boring care!
Realize it b4 u loose someone.
%%%% %%%%
) / (
|/ |
These r the flower bouquets
Which I Send U
In the hope to meet
Shortly again, and make our absence sweet.
In School, They Taught Me That
1 hour = 60 Mints
1 Min = 60 Secs
But They Never Told Me That
1 Sec Without You = 100 Years.
Life is so short, so fast the lone hours fly,
We ought to be together, you and I.
Miss you every hour and every moment of everyday sweetheart.
Your absence has gone through meLike thread through a needleEverything
I do is stitched with its color.
I dropped a tear in the ocean.
The day you find it is the day I will
stop missing you.
Memories sometimes behave in a crazy way. They leave u alone, when u
are in a crowd & when u are alone they stand along with u like a
I heard someone whisper your name, but when I turned to see who it
was, I noticed it was alone, then realized it was my heart beat
telling me “I MISS U”
If u wanna know how much I miss you,
Try to catch rain drops,
The ones u catch is how much u miss me,
and the ones you miss is how much I miss
When the sky looks blue “I Miss u” when the dreams come true “I Miss
u” when the flowers are covered with dew “I Miss u” when the day comes
new “I Miss u”
You may think but I am not high
and I am not asking for any reply
believe me that my words are true
When I say I can’t live without you.
Being near is not the meaning of being dear
I may be far from u but msgs are bridges
to make u feel that i always remember you!
When i spend time with you..
M giving you a part of my life
That will never come back
So please dont make me regret it later.
Happiness is not something u postpone for the future.
Its something u design for the present.
Make each moment a happy one.
I just did it by remembering U!
When I met you I was afraid to kiss you,
when I kissed you I was afraid to love you,
now that I love you, I am afraid to lose you.
Heart never hate blood,
Fish never hate water,
Flower never hate honey,
Earth never hate rain,
My heart never hate U My Frnd.
Mising u a lot..
I sent my cares 2 the wind n asked the wind to pass them 2 u,
when u feel the wind blowing against ur face thatz ME saying….
Take Good Care,
I MISS U……..
I Looked at my back, I thought I saw u.
i Listened eaGerly cOz i thought I hearD u,
but NO u were not there.
This made me realized only one thing..Damn!
I miss u!
When daylight turns to a darkened hue,
The lovely stars hinting at you,
ur heart beat tells you something true,
That some 1 badly missing you!!
The Word ‘Hello’ means

H=How R U?

E=Everything all right?

L=Like 2 hear 4rm U.

L=Love 2 C U soon.

I miss you!
Some times i frgt 2 say hi,
sumtimes i frgt 2 reply,
sumtimes my msg doesnt rch u,
bt it doesnt mean i frgt u.
im just gvng u time to miss me.
If u wanna know how much i miss u,
try to catch rain drops.
The one u catch is how much u miss me and
the one u miss is how much I MISS U!
Every time I say ‘how are you?’
my heart says ‘I care for you.’.
Everytime I ask ‘how have you been?’
my heart whispers ‘I miss you’
Whenever i miss u..
I wont luk 4 u in my dreams..
or try to hear ur voice in ur msgs..
I just put my right hand across my chest and ill feel u……….
When im not messaging or calling u,
u don’t think im not missing u
but im giving u chance 2 miss me.
I MaY Not Be a cLocK ThaT maY TexT yOu 24hrs a DaY
But My HeArt Will bE LikE a CloCk
ThAt will nOt sToP CarIng &
SayInG U r aLwaYs RemeMbEreD.
Miss U!
Press down if you miss me
So U Miss Me
Ok You Can Stop
Still Pressing
Well, I miss you too.





missing u is only da half story hope da other half is U
MISS me too…..
Delete Message?
no Wait!
I wana say somethng thats only 4 you
( )” ” “( ) ( )””*( )
(“( ‘o’ ) ( ‘o’ )”)
I dropped a tear in the ocean.

The day you find it is the day I will

stop missing you.
, -. .- .
‘. I .’
” . ”

, -. .- , -. .- .
‘. I ‘. Miss.’
” . ” ” . ”

, -. .- , -. .- .-. .-.
‘. I ‘.Miss.’You.’
” . ” ” . ” ” .
Sweet Poem

One One 2
I mis u too.

Two Two 4
Miss U more.

Three Three 6
love is risk.

Four Four 8
frndshp is great.

poem is end
Miss u friend…:-(:)
My Maths teacher told me

1 Hour=60 Mins


1 Min = 60 secs.

But she never told me

1 sec without a FRIEND like you is equal to 100 years.

Miss You…
Wen I miss u,
I don’t have to go far…
I just have 2 look
inside my heart
because that’s where
I’ll find you.