Sorry Messages for Girlfriend

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Sorry Messages for Girlfriend
I am not saying sorry
just because I understand
the difference between right and wrong.
I am saying sorry also because our relationship
is more important to me than my ego.
I love you.
Sorry Messages for Girlfriend
Being my girlfriend I know you have the right to be angry,
but don’t forget that being your boyfriend,
I too have the right to pamper
you until you accept my apology.
I am sorry.
Sorry Messages for Girlfriend
Just like the words I Love You,
the value of the words
I Am Sorry too does not decrease
no matter how many times
they are said or repeated.
I am sorry.
Sorry Images for Girlfriend
Sorry Image for Girlfriend
Sorry Image for Girlfriend
Sorry Image for Girlfriend
Sorry Image for Girlfriend
Sorry Image for Girlfriend
Sorry Image for Girlfriend
Sorry Messages for Girlfriend
By lying to you I broke your heart.
But in doing so I broke mine too.
I made the biggest mistake of my life,
by betraying a love so true.
I am sorry.
There is nothing more left in my body which my eyes can use to produce tears.
Can you please forgive me now, dear? I am sorry.
My heart has been leaking and bleeding since the day I hurt you.
Please plug the holes with your forgiveness.
I am sorry.
Being sorry is the first step to repentance,
and repentance is the first step to being a better person.
So if you don’t forgive me,
I will never be able to become a better boyfriend.
I am sorry.
I blame myself for the pain
I have caused you and I am ready
to do whatever it takes to fix things between us.
Until you forgive me and let me take you back in my arms,
I will keep creating a massive but cute fuss.
I am sorry.
I am sorry I forgot our relationship anniversary but in my defense,
every day that I spend with you feels like the first day of falling in love with you.
Please forgive me.
If I begin to tell you how terrible I feel for what I did to you,
my apology will run into days, weeks and months.
To cut a long story short, I am really sorry sweetheart.
Ever since the day I broke your heart,
I may have lost your trust but I gained
something much more powerful – the urge
to make you fall in love with me all over again.
I am sorry.
I wish I had the power to hit backspace
or delete whenever I made a mistake.
But since I don’t, I will write down
my mistake on paper and use a
strikethrough to ensure
that I never do it again.
I have shown you what an idiot I can be by making that mistake.
Now it is your turn to show me what a darling you can be by giving your anger a
I am sorry.
Sorry is the only word you will see in my texts,
email, Facebook status updates,
tweets and Snapchat messages
until you decide to forgive me.
I am sorry sweetheart.
I am sorry for being so possessive
but this is one mistake that
I will always be proud of,
simply because I love you lots.
At the same time,
I will calm down and avoid
overreacting to silly situations.
I know that I don’t look handsome when I wear anger on my face.
Sorry for looking so ugly the other day. I love you.
Regret, heartbreak and sadness, have stolen my life’s happiness.
I am sorry for letting you down, but I promise to erase your frowns.
I know that my lies have damaged our relationship beyond repair.
But I want you to know that I still care.
I know it will be very hard for you to forgive me.
But I want you to look into my eyes to see that I am truly sorry.
I love you.
I feel so terrible for all my wrongs.
I came saying sorry.
Please forgive me and let it go my dear.
The homepage of our relationship cannot be
currently displayed because of a server error.
Can we please click on the refresh button and start over again?
I am sorry baby.