Winter SMS

I Wish You A Lot Of Happy Winter’s
Time Spent With Your Family, And
If You Don’t Like Winter Then Do
Something To Live A Happy Winter.
Once More, Happy Winter To You.
” ,, ” ,, ” ,, ” ,, ”
( ‘ ; ‘ ) ,, ” ,, ” ,, ” ,, ”
(,,)(,,) ,,” ,, ” ,, ” ,,
Ooooo .Sardi.
Happy Winnter Season,
Enjoy The Winter.!
Get Out The Warm Blankets,
Its Time To Get Cozy,
Chill With A Cup Of Smoking Hot Coffee,
Chat With Friends Feel Lazy The Best
Time Of The Year Has Arrived.
Enjoy It To The Fullest Winter.
Lovely As A Snowflake
Drifting From The Blue
Gods Greatest Blessing Came
To Me In The Form Of You.
Happy Winter Season!
Everywhere The Winter,
Shows Its Facade, Its Hair,
And Its Eyes Freezing Cold Winter
Take Pleasure In The Chill Air By Many,
Old And Young.
Happy Winter Season!
Snow Makes Whiteness
Where It Falls The Bushes
Look Like Popcorn Balls
And Places Where I Always
Play Look Like Somewhere Else Today.
Happy Winter My Dear.
Winter, Winter, Everywhere Shows
Its Face, Its Eyes, Its Hair
Winter, Winter, Freezing Cold
Enjoyed By Many, Young And Old.
Happy Winter.
Rain of summer, snow of winter
grace of autumn, glory of spring
May beauty of every season
give your heart a beautiful reason
Happy Winter Season.
Winter Time
Cold Wind Blows
I Wait For You
Withe Open Doors.
Here I’m Cold & Blue,
Come Sweetheart
Waiting For U.
The Taste of Oranges
The Walk in Frost
The Golden Sunlight
The Charm of Autumn Colors
The Magic of Wet Red Leaves
The Warmth of Feelings & Care
Happy Winter