Sorry Messages for Friends

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Sorry Messages for Friends
I know saying sorry is just not enough
for how much I hurt you but I’ll say
it a million times until you forgive me.
I am sorry.
Sorry Messages for Friends
Sorry is the only word I got here.
But my tears means the whole world.
Sorry my dear friend!
Sorry Messages for Friends
I’m very sorry for all the lies I told you.
It just so happened that it was so complicated.
But I swear, I didn’t meant to hurt you.
My friend, I was about to tell you everything
and nothing but the whole truth.
I’m so sorry!

Sorry Images for Friends

Sorry Image for Friends
Sorry Image for Friends
Sorry Image for Friends
Sorry Image for Friends
It’s very easy to say sorry
but I know it’s very difficult
to be the bigger person
and say that it’s okay.
Please forgive me,
I am sorry.
I know you will eventually forget the ungrateful things that I said.
But I will never forget how nice you were to me,
even after I was so rude to you. Thanks for being a real friend,
I am sorry.
Sometimes I take the liberty to take you for granted
because deep down in my heart I know that
my best friend will always understand.
I am sorry.
I don’t know how but I want to gain your trust again.
I need to hide the truth from you for some reasons.
The situation was very complicated, I hope you understand.
I did it not just for my own good but for you too.
Again, I’m sorry!
I won’t say a word. The sweetest apologies are never said, they are felt.
I am just going to let you look at the tears in my eyes until your heart melts.
I am sorry.
I want you to know how sorry I’am.
I feel bad but believe me that I had no choice,
keeping the truth in me is the only way to protect you.
I hope you will understand me then.
It is not my intention to hurt you.
You are my friend and I love you.
I’m very sorry.
Life has its own way of making you realize the value of friendship…
and the worst part is that it’s always in hindsight.
I miss you my friend, I’m sorry for not keeping in touch.