Oru paiyanum, ponnum kovilukku vanthanga

Oru paiyanum, ponnum kovilukku vanthanga.
Iyer antha ponnukitta paiyan yarunnu kettar.
Antha ponnu sonna pathil-
“Intha paiyanoda appa yarukku mamanaro, avaroda appa enakku mamanar”
-iyerkku purinchuthu. ungalakku purinthatha?
What is the relationship between that girl and boy?
Dhil irunda reply me…
  1. srinivasan says:

    its husband and wife

  2. Brother and sister……………

  3. Kavya Prabhakar says:


  4. venkat says:

    husband wife

  5. sanoojan says:

    How can you drop a raw egg onto a concrete floor without cracking it?
    The Egg won’t crack the concrete floor!

  6. sanoojan says:

    An electric train is moving north at 100mph and a wind is blowing to the west at 10mph. Which way does the smoke blow?
    (There is no smoke with an electric train.)

    How can a man go eight days without sleep?
    (By sleeping during the night time)

  7. Arun says:

    Mamiyar marumagan

  8. Zz says:

    Sister and brother

  9. KD says:


  10. arunpandiyan says:

    husband & wife

  11. Rithisha says:

    that boy her husband cousine

  12. Welz Balan says:

    husband and wife

  13. dhivyaM says:

    maman & marumagal

  14. jothi says:

    husband and wife

  15. AZHAGU says:

    Bro and sis

  16. Nashna says:

    Sis and bro

  17. sachi Dani says:

    mother and son is the right answer. listen carefully to the word mamanar it describes the dad of the boy

  18. Venkat says:

    time illa…

  19. Kuttyma says:

    husband & wife

  20. j riswan says:

    haspnt wife

  21. HIDHAY says:

    Brother and sister

  22. MALAI CHAMY says:

    brothe & sister

  23. sham says:

    brother in law and sister in law

  24. Sj says:

    Kolundhan.I mean that boy her husband’s brother

  25. Jaba says:

    Brother and sister

  26. sasikala.M says:

    Mother and son

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