Birthday Wishes for Boss

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Happy Birthday Quotes for Boss
Boss, we all wish that life brings you a
new year full of happiness and perks.
Having said that, we hope your birthday calls
for a day off from work.
Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday Wishes for Boss
Boss, this birthday promotes you to a new year
in life without any extra benefits or rights.
Welcome to our world, that’s exactly how we feel
when we do more work without getting a raise.
Happy Birthday.
Birthday Quotes for Boss
Happy birthday to a wonderful person and a great boss.
Birthday Wishes for Boss
On your special day may all of your dreams turn to reality.
Happy Birthday!
Birthday Wishes for Boss
With a leader like you,
tasks and projects are
so much fun to work on.
Warm wishes for a Happy Birthday to you!
Birthday Wishes for Boss
Promotions and success,
Peace of mind and happiness.
Titles and awards,
Achievements and records.
All this is what,
I hope you get a lot.
Happy Birthday.
Birthday Wishes for Boss
Most bosses are preachers, but you are a true leader.
Most bosses are just managers, but you also a mentor.
Most bosses arrogantly demand respect,
but you deserve it because you are perfect.
Happy Birthday Boss.
Birthday Wishes for Boss
Thanks for being tough on me when things
were easy and more importantly,
going easy on me when things were tough.
Happy Birthday boss!
Birthday Wishes for Boss
Happy Birthday to you
and all the best for
yet another great year
in your professional
and personal life!
Happy Birthday Wishes for Boss
Today is a perfect day to tell you
that you have been a wonderful boss,
friend, colleague, supporter and guide.
May you get the best of everything in life!