30th Birthday Wishes, Messages, Quotes, and Pictures

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30th Birthday Wishes
The best part about being thirty is that
there are no uncertainties in life.
You are sure that it’s all going
to go downhill from here.
Happy 30th birthday.
30th Birthday Wishes
Wishing you all the best for this
incredibly important day for you.
May all your dreams come true!
Happy 30th birthday!
30th Birthday Wishes
Happy 30th birthday!
We all wish you the best
for this important milestone and hope this
next decade will bring you all the
joy and happiness you deserve.
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Happy 30th Birthday Image
Happy 30th Birthday Image
Happy 30th Birthday Image
Happy 30th Birthday Image
Happy 30th Birthday Image
Happy 30th Birthday Image
Happy 30th Birthday Image
Happy 30th Birthday Image
Happy 30th Birthday Image
Happy 30th Birthday Image
30th Birthday Wishes
Thirty is the time to really start living your life to the fullest,
so that by the time you are old you would have experienced life’s best.
Happy 30th birthday.
30th Birthday Wishes
Happy 30th birthday!
I hope that all your dreams
will come true and that you
will enjoy this new exciting decade.
Stop worrying about your age. There will be many other problems to worry about in life after you turn thirty. Happy birthday.
Give your twenties a long, hearty goodbye. Starting today, you’ll never see them again. Happy 30th birthday.
At thirteen, you were officially a teenager. At twenty one, you were officially an adult. But at thirty, you are unofficially old. Happy 30th birthday.
At 30, the best is yet to come. Really. At 40, it’s a different story. Enjoy your 30-somethings. Happy 30th birthday!
Turning thirty is the moment when you are old enough to understand life’s bigger responsibilities but young enough to shirk some of them while you still can. Happy 30th birthday.
From the bottom of my heart, I want to wish you the best and most special birthday you have ever had. I hope this brand new decade will be a thousand times better than the previous one! Happy 30th birthday!
Give your twenties a long, hearty goodbye. Starting today, you’ll never see them again. Happy 30th birthday.
Congratulations for turning thirty.
From here on, life is less about
knowing how old you are and more
about believing how young you feel.
Happy birthday.
Look at the positive side of the coin.
When you turn 30, people start paying
more respect to you and your opinion
because you are not a young 20-year-old anymore.
So, congratulations on your 30th birthday!
Happy 30th birthday to a special person
who I think about all thirty days of the month.
Wishing you all the happiness,
health and success you deserve…A lot.
Have an fantastic 30th birthday!
Aging is a hard process, especially when you begin a new decade.
You start realizing that time is indeed going by and that you are growing old.
However, aging is also a great thing. We become more responsible and mature.
Let’s look on the positive side and let’s celebrate your wonderful milestone.
Happy 30th birthday!
Turning thirty is life’s way of telling you
that the most beautiful phase of your life
has just begun. Happy 30th birthday.
May your 30th birthday be as special
as the first day of spring,
the first time you heard The Beatles,
your first love,
the first…In other words,
as special as you are.
We all want to wish you a happy 30th birthday.
We hope you will spend it surrounded by family
and friends and that this year will bring you lots of happiness.
I think I spent more when I bought all those candles
than I did when I bought your actual birthday gift.
Happy 30th birthday!
If you don’t want to make people jealous,
don’t tell anyone you turned thirty.
Not everyone gets to look as
beautifully young as they
did when they were twenty!
Happy birthday.
Turning thirty is like driving down
the freeway and seeing a welcome
sign to the rest of your life.
Enjoy your special day!
The secret of being happy in your thirties
is quite simple – take each day as it comes.
Happy birthday.
Turning thirty may seem like a drag,
but you have a long and prosperous
future ahead of you!
Here’s to getting the best
of life on your 30th year.
Wishing you the most amazing
of greetings to your third decade.
It’s going to be just, well, amazing.
Happy 30th birthday!
Happy birthday!
We wish you a great birthday
and we hope that you get to spend
this very special day with all
the people you love and care about.
There is nothing better than celebrating
your birthday with friends and family.
We’re honored to be able to
share this special day with you.
Happy 30th birthday!
At thirty, you are not too young nor too old.
Make the most of this delightfully confused
stage of life before you finally get older and weaker.
Happy 30th birthday.
You are at that juncture when the
experience of your past and the
ambition for your future will help you
make all the right decisions in your life.
Happy 30th birthday.
What do you get a 30-year-old who has everything in life?
Well, a special birthday card full of wishful thinking
for a birthday filled with love and happiness!
Happy 30th birthday!
If you’re still able to blow up all your balloons without wheezing,
you’re still as strong as you were when you were twenty!
Happy 30th birthday.
Your body may have turned thirty today
but the way you look like a hot
twenty one year old suggests that
your beauty will never be able
to catch up with your age.
Happy 30th birthday.
Happy 30th birthday!
Just remember that age is not just a number
and people are actually going to expect
you to be more responsible.
After all, you can’t blame
it on being a 20-year-old anymore!
May God bless you on this very special day.
I wish you good health, positivity and lots of love.
Happy 30th birthday!
Turning thirty years old is a milestone
that gives you a second chance to
enjoy life while you still can.
Happy birthday.
You made most of your mistakes before you turned thirty,
and you’ll probably spend the years after thirty repenting for them.
For now, kick back and relax.
Enjoy your birthday.