Birthday Wishes for Brother, Messages, Quotes, and Pictures

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Birthday Wishes for Brother
May your birthday brings all the success, good luck, love, and happiness in your life. Happy birthday dear brother!
Birthday Wishes for Brother with Cake
On this special day,
I pray that God blesses you
with every good thing, with love,
with luck, and with joy.
Thank you for always being there for me
and giving me your support and strength.
Birthday Wishes for Brother with Cake
Ever since we welcomed you into the family you
and I have had a special bond.
What better time than your birthday
could there be to remind you
how important you are to me.
Have a Happy Birthday!
Birthday Wishes Images for Brother
Happy Birthday Images for Brother with Gifts
Birthday Images for Brother
Birthday Images for Brother
Birthday Images for Brother
Birthday Images for Brother
Birthday Images for Brother
Birthday Wishes for Brother with Cake
May God bless every day of your life with a ray of sun,
a touch of hope, a glint of joy and a drop of love.
Happy Birthday bro.
Birthday Wishes for Brother with Cake
Today is a perfect day to tell you that I love you too much,
care for you too much, miss you too much and pray for you too much.
In short, you mean a lot to me dear brother.
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.
Birthday Wishes for Brother
Brothers are a gift from God,
and you are my favorite gift.
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Wishes for Brother
Thank you for my great childhood memories.
Here’s to many more memories to come.
Happy Birthday to the world’s greatest brother!
Happy Birthday Quotes for Brother
May all your dreams come true this year, dear brother.
Happy Birthday!
Birthday Wishes for Brother
On your birthday let’s celebrate our brotherhood.
Let’s once again, promise to stand up for each other
in the future like we have always stood.
Happy birthday bro.
Birthday Wishes for Brother
I hope your birthday celebrations are as special as you are, brother.
Birthday Quotes for Brother
Thanks for being my lifelong supporter,
Thanks for being such an amazing brother.
Thanks for helping me out in each and every way,
I hope you have a fantastic day.
Happy birthday.
You are a brother, unlike another. You are my best friend, my loyal supporter. You help me deal with peer pressure, you reassure me when I can’t keep it together. You inspire me every day to be better, my debt for you will get over never. Happy birthday.
A party with your favorite friends and family. Tons of freedom. Only blissful moments and thoughts. Plus, total relaxation. That’s my birthday wish for you!
Bro, you are not just my life’s support, but also my life’s pride. If you hadn’t been there for me all these years, I would have crumbled from inside. Happy birthday.
When I think of you, I can’t help but smile from happiness.
On your birthday, my every thought is for happiness and joy
in your life. Happy Birthday!
Today, I make a special wish for you.
May our bond grow a hundred times stronger,
a hundred times more transparent and
a hundred times more reliable.
Wishing you a Happy Birthday.
Great times lie ahead of you!
From all the stars that you see at night,
I’d name one star after you. And that’s my
Birthday gift to you which can never get
erased from this world. Wishing you a
very Happy Birthday and may you have
a great year ahead.
Dear brother, a piece of wisdom for you on your birthday:
age is a number and should be unlisted! Happy Birthday!
Do you know what a brother’s best achievement can be?
It is to be the good friend of his sister.
And you succeeded! You really are my best friend.
I love you and wish you a happy birthday!
Your Birthday reminds me of all the fantastic
memories that we’ve shared in our lives.
Let’s go down the memory lane and celebrate
those awesome moments on this special day.
Happy Birthday brother!
My dearest brother, you are the sweetest person I have ever known.
I love you for everything you are and everything that you have done for me.
I wish you a very Happy Birthday.
You have brought so much happiness to our family, Happy Birthday.
Brothers are like punching bags.
You can vent out all your emotions
on them and they’ll never hit you back.
You’ve always happily absorbed all my
frustrations and joys.
I thank you for that today.
May you get the best of everything.
Happy Birthday!
May God bless you with every joy and happiness. Happy Birthday.
No amount of chocolates, flowers and gifts can suffice for the
amount of love you have showered upon me all these years.
Happy Birthday to the coolest and most loving brother around.
May every day of your life be blessed with rays of hope,
joy, love, and sunshine. Happy Birthday, Brother!
On your special day today I wish and pray
May you get all the happiness
And sweet things to hear and say
Forget the gifts, forget the wrapping paper
Count your blessings, I would say
Think of the best things you want in life
Because today is your Happy Birthday
My love for you is directly proportional
to the number of gifts you will give me
on my birthday. Plan accordingly.
Happy Birthday!
May you have a million moments of joy,
a million moments of love,
a million moments of pure happiness and
a million moments of good health and wealth.
In short, I wish you a very very Happy Birthday.
I am so lucky to have you as my brother and my best friend.
Wishing you love and more love on your birthday!
Wishing you, my favorite brother,
the happiest and healthiest of birthdays!
You have always fit so well into my puzzle of a life…
which wouldn’t be even remotely complete without you.
Happy Birthday!
Once every year,
I get to express my love for you.
That special day and special moment
has finally arrived.
Happy Birthday, dear brother!
My dear brother,
I wish you a very happy
and joyful year ahead.
May God love and care you,
as you did for me.
May you live a long
and beautiful life.
Happy Birthday.
You are such a great role model for
every brother in the world because
you are so loving, caring, protective,
and supportive. I wish you, the best
brother in the universe, a very happy birthday.
I know today is your birthday,
but it has always been a special day for me too.
Years ago, I gained the best friend
I will ever have on this day.
Thanks for being there for me, brother.
I hope all your wishes come true today.
Happy Birthday!
It was awesome the way I grew up.
I laughed with you,
I cried with you,
I fought with you,
and I kicked your ass too.
I just had to remind you.
Happy Birthday.
On your Birthday, I wish that the Almighty blesses
you with good luck, happiness, love, good health
and success in every walk of your life.
You truly deserve it. Wishing you a very
happy Birthday!
Those days and moments of childhood that
I shared with you are very dear to my heart.
I wish you a great birthday and many more to come.
On your birthday,
many miles may keep us apart,
but you are always in my heart.
Happy Birthday!
I am proud to call you my brother, both today and every day.
I am the luckiest person in the world to
have a loving and caring brother like you.
You have been an awesome friend, support
and a guide in my life. Wishing you a very
Happy Birthday.
On your birthday, let us promise to never be separated
from each other’s heart despite the distance between us.
My best wishes for you!
On this special day,
I wish my favorite brother
a great day and many great years to come.
Happy Birthday!
Thanks for being not only the best brother, but also a great role model.
May God bless you with all his warmth and care.
May your birthday bring loads of joy and fun
to your world. Happy Birthday, to my sweet brother.
I know that I’ve been a role model to you for your entire life,
so on your birthday I just want to say, “You’re welcome.”
Happy Birthday brother!
Thanks for being there for me through the good and bad.
In good times, we celebrated like there was no tomorrow.
In bad times, you reminded me that tomorrow was another day.
You’re the best. Happy birthday!
On your Birthday today, I want to tell you how much you mean to me. You are –
B – Benevolent
R – Resilient
O – Outstanding
T – Tolerant
H – Honest
E – Entertaining
R – Responsible
Happy Birthday bro!
You’ve never deserted me.
You’re always there for me.
Happy birthday, bro!
Siblings have rivalries, but I like to think of
it as older and younger sibling competition.
You win the age competition every time.
Thanks for all the fun times growing up.
I would not be the same person today,
if it weren’t for you.
The best thing mom and dad have done is to give me a brother like you. Happy birthday.
On your special day and every day,
a brother like you deserves the best….
a brother like me! Happy birthday, bro!
Brothers are a little piece of childhood
you’d sometimes like to forget.
Most of the time, though, you’re glad they’re
around (if only to pay them back for all their teasing).
I’m so glad I have a brother like you. Happy birthday!
Thank you for protecting me throughout the years.
From how to stay up late to how to throw the perfect curve ball,
every year of our lives, you have taught me something new.
I can’t wait to see what you teach me this year. Happy birthday!
Our special sibling bond will always be prevalent, brother.
Happy Birthday to my mother’s second favorite child.
Let’s raise a toast to your birthday and many birthdays to come!
Growing up, you really stood out for your backbone.
It’s a shame your back now gives out every time you stand up.
Just kidding! You’re still the bravest person I know.
Happy birthday, bro!
Despite all our quarrels and fights
I confess that having you as my brother,
is a very comforting feeling like no other.
Happy birthday.
Without you in my life,
I wouldn’t be afraid of the dark (from the show Dark Shadows),
afraid of small spaces (like the dryer) or afraid of bugs (like spiders in my bed)!
Thanks for the memories! Happy birthday!
Although we can rarely stop fighting,
to me you are everything.
Although we always keep on arguing,
I think of you as a brother so caring.
Although our quarrels never get a rest,
I still think that as a brother you are the best.
Happy birthday.
If lovers are like moon and Brothers are like stars
than i have noticed that the sky looks good
without moon but not without stars i.e. YOU
Happy Birthday Brother..
If lovers are like moon and
Brothers are like stars
than i have noticed that the
sky looks good without moon
but not without stars i.e. YOU
Happy Birthday Brother.