Birthday Wishes for Cousin Sister, Messages, Quotes, and Pictures

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Birthday Wishes for Cousin Sister
Every birthday marks the end of one
year and the beginning of another.
Celebrate the gift of life and the
opportunity to be with people who love you.
Birthday Wishes for Cousin Sister
I’m glad you’re my cousin!
You deserve all the success,
happiness and love in the world!
Birthday Wishes for Cousin Sister
Wishing you lots of fun,
beautiful and unforgettable
moments on your special day,
dear cousin!
Birthday Wishes Images for Cousin Sister
Birthday Wishes for Cousin Sister
You are the best cousin in town. That’s because you always cheer me up when I’m down. Happy birthday.
I am glad you are not my real sister.
Otherwise my parents would have been
more proud of you than me because you
are so intelligent and beautiful.
Happy birthday.
Wishing you a day filled with great friends,
loving family, a lot of laughter, reflection,
positive vibes and a couple cuties to cruise
at your leisure.
Yes we are related,
yes we are family.
But you’re not only my
Cousin – also a Friend indeed!
Have a fantastic birthday!
Take a moment and reflect on the wonderful life you have had.
As you think of your future count me as part of it.
Happy birthday cousin.
My dear cousin may you have a wonderful birthday and
may you always know that I really love you.
We might be cousins, but in reality we’re much more.
A sister and a best friend, I love you from the core.
Happy birthday.
You may be my cousin, but I don’t think of you that way!
To call you my sister, I don’t have to be swayed!
So I’m sending you the happiest birthday wishes from afar!
I miss you and love you, and that’s something no one can mar!
We may have given you plenty of surprises and bunches
of roses but we know that there’s one that stood out.
One that bloomed in the garden, I know he’s been taking
good care of it to be in full bloom on this special day of yours.
He’s just somewhere around you and I’m sure he already gave you
one great big hug! We love you honey! Again, Happy birthday!
The great moments that we shared are
among the best moments of my life.
I‘m so happy to have such a special cousin!
May you have a perfect birthday!
Happy Birthday goes out to one of the most beautiful,
genuine, unselfish, loyal, honest sister cousin and
best friend I’ve ever met in my life and the soul inspiration.
You’re so beautiful and you’re one of the real ones.
I love you so much and I know we’re stuck with each other for life.
Cousin, today is a very special
occasion – your birthday!
We all hope you have a happy one,
may all or sorrows come to an end
and all of your dreams come true!
You are a shining light in my life cousin.
You always motivate and inspire me to be
better than I am. Have a wonderful birthday.
My parents must have never thought of
having another child because they knew
I would always find an awesome sister in you.
Happy birthday.
Happy Birthday to a woman who feels more like a sis!
On this special day, you I cannot dis!
You are amazing and smart and funny, too!
And on your big day, I’m letting you know that I love you!
I pray, May this birthday be the jump
start of another successful year for you.
Be growing in this world with harmony and purity.
May there be lovely gifts,
a lot of ecstasy and endless pleasure,
happy birthday to my cousin.
It is such a blessing to have a caring,
encouraging and supporting cousin like you.
Wishing you the greatest joy on your Big Day!
Congrats to a woman whom I can always call my pal.
But you’re so much more, you’re my sister gal.
We may be cousins and connected by our fam.
But you are so much more than into this poem I can cram.
So know that I love you, my cousin, my friend.
And on this special day, all love and happiness to you I send!
One of the many joys of being a single child is that
I appreciate having an awesome cousin like you in my life.
Happy birthday.
Happy Birthday cousin!
I think I’ve said this many of times
and every year but I’ll say it again,
you were a music inspiration to so many especially me and
I’m glad to call you now a friend.
Wish you the best day ever!
You are not only a cousin but also a good friend.
Make the most of your unique gifts as you celebrate
another wonderful birthday.
Even if you weren’t my aunt’s daughter,
a beautiful person like you would’ve
meant more to me than a sister.
Happy birthday.
Happy Birthday to my cute cousin!
You are the best female cousin
a woman can ask for and
I hope your day is filled with
tons of laughter, birthday songs,
surprising gifts, peace, love and
a lot of fun.