Good Night SMS

Being in a relationship is serious decision every day. You have the chance every evening to show your boyfriend how much you love him. To perform this, you could make dinner for him or do something as simple as send him a best night text message. These cute night wishes can support to make brighter his evening while he is still at work or before he falls asleep at his house. For the top results, use them on random occasion. Surprises often grip more meaning than a daily message, so make each good night wish count.

Flowers Good Night Wishes Quote
Night is Silent,
Night is Beautiful,
Night is Calm,
Night is Quiet..
Night is not complete.
Without Wishing you.
Good Night.
Sweet Dreams!
Good Night Quote
There is something that is big,
warm and fuzzy. Before you get
too many ideas, you should know
that it is a good night hug sent
from me to you!
Good Night Quote
Sleep at night with just as much dedication,
as you give to your work at day time.
Because your work makes you financially strong,
and a good sleep keeps your health well.
There is no wealth better than health.
Good night!

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Good Night
Good Night Image with Candles
Moonlight Good Night Image
Good Night Image with Flower and Candle
Good Night Quote with Yellow Daisy Flower
As you fall asleep,
I want you to remember
what a good person you are. Remember that I admire you
and care for you.
Good Night
Sweet dreams!
Flowers Good Night Wishes Quote
Night is the nice gift
so close your eyes and open the gift
you see another world waiting for you…
Good Night.
Good Night Wishes Quote
Your sweet time of today is ending Now,
Forget bad Incidents,
Remembers beautiful Moments,
to refresh your mind
wish you a sweet sleep.
Good Night!
Good Night Wishes Quote
Your dream determines your goals,
Your goals map out your actions,
Your actions create results,
And the results bring you success.!
Good Night my Friend Have a nice dreams.
Moonlight Good Night Quote Image
Night is to see the
dreams and day
is to make them true.
So its good to sleep
now and see the dreams.
Good Night & Sweet Dreams!
Good Night Quote Image
All I wish a sheet of clouds for your
bed and bright crystals for the stars.
While you sleep, may the
angels play sweet songs that
bring you bright dreams.
Good Night!
Pretty Flowers with Good Night Wishes Quote
Shut Down Your Eyes,
Log On Some Memories,
Download Some Dreams,
Save Some Joys,
Delete All Your Sorrows..
Have A Nice Sleep.