Monthsary Wishes

So special is this day that I cant believe
its been months since we’ve been together.
Here’s to our monthsary.

Our love grew over time and everyday
I find more reasons to stay near you
and great joy in having you in my life.
Happy monthsary.
Monthsary Quotes

Higher than the heights
and deeper than the depths
is my love for you,
and once again it is time
to celebrate another
beginning of the month.
Happy Monthsary.

There have been so many ups and downs
but you never left the side of me.
Love you to the core.
Happy monthsary.

Just as the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step,
the journey of our love began with the first minute that we met.
Now it has come to a month and as we enter the next month of our love,
may we always have a reason to smile, which is having each other.
Happy Monthsary.

Now that we have completed 6 months of togetherness,
we shall enrich and celebrate our love today.
Happy monthsary.

Like roses our love blooms
and there are no sorrows and glooms,
like river flow our love is endless
and lets celebrate our monthsary of togetherness.

You are the rhyme of my life’s poem
and nicest chapter of my life book.
Happy monthsary to the one I love so dearly.
Monthsary Wishes

Happy monthsary and wish us both a happy life
and strong relationship together.
And more and more months to come
with fulfillment and harmony.
Happy monthsary.

Just like a seed grows into a tree
so has our love grown so deep and eternal
that no pleasures of world can outlive it.