30th Anniversary Wishes

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30th Anniversary Wishes
Anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, tolerance and sacrifice and all.
It is your 30th anniversary, you enjoy all those things to be together.
You share your tear, you give your smile each other.
Your past is full of loving notes and your future is waiting for you to live.
Happy anniversary.
30th Anniversary Wishes
Your happiness and good health are always in my thoughts.
So, I prayed to the Almighty to shower
his blessings upon you and your better half.
Best wishes for your 30th wedding anniversary.
30th Anniversary Wishes
Your wedding was 30 years ago,
but your love continues up to this day.
Therefore, We wish all the best on your wedding day.

30th Anniversary Wishes Images

30th Anniversary Image
30th Anniversary Image
30th Anniversary Image
30th Anniversary Image
30 years felt like just a few years,
because time has flown while
we’ve been having fun.
Sweet greeting for your 30th wedding anniversary!
It’s so great to find that one special person you
want to bore for the rest of your life.
30 years multiplied by 365 equals the number
of days I’ve been glad I married you.
That’s 10950 days, by the way.
The success of a happy marriage might never be discovered
but after 30 years in love you are close to it.
We wish you all the best on your special day.
On this day of completing 30 years of love and marriage,
we hope to spend more 30 years of our love life together.
You count your 30 years of togetherness not by digit,
but by the emotions you shared. The love and laughter,
the fight and argue, all were there in your relation.
But you keep your love above all and trust each other always.
You are the perfect couple forever.
Happy anniversary.
You have taken up a lot of space in my heart
and mind over the last 30 years.
You don’t just live with me. You live in me.