Congratulations for Marriage

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May all the joy, delight and happiness come your way!
Have an amazing wedding day and a cheerful life!
Love knows no barriers. There is neither mountain too high nor ocean
too deep when it comes to getting together with the one you love.
Your journey of love is truly inspiring. I wish you great fortune and
true happiness as you build a life together.
You suit each other perfectly! Congratulations!
May your every day together be a joyous ride.
Give each other the best that you can and love for no reason.
Congratulations on your special day!
As you begin your journey as man and wife,
may your road be smooth and filled with
joyful adventures until you reach your
May your love bloom forever,
May goodwill and friendship
always stay in your marriage!
You are truly lucky to have found each other.
Congratulations! I wish you much happiness.
Hoping you can feel our happiness for your fortune on this happy day.
You think that your life was wonderful before,
but trust me, now it will be even more amazing,
good luck!
May the hope and dream of your marriage bloom
like a beautiful sunflower.
Happy Wedlock
Wishing the groom to never fail to forget the words “Yes Love.”
From now on you will never be alone,
you will always have someone by your side,
and you will always be loved no matter what,
Congratulations on your special day!
May each day be more beautiful than the one before it.
May your love for each other grow stronger as you get older.
May you find yourselves still holding hands and basking in
each other’s love when all that is youthful and impermanent
have faded away. Congratulations on taking this leap of faith.
In hope that your life will be filled with peace and joy,
we gather together for you and no others.
Wishing you many more days as happy as this one,
many more occasions for celebration,
and a lifetime of love and laughter.
May you have the strength to tackle trouble,
the softness to hold good fortune,
and the wisdom to tell the difference.
Through the doubt and fear,
love triumphs once again.
Congratulations on proving
that happy endings really exist.
As you enter this new life as one, may peace,
love and strength of two become one to nourish
and nurture your marital life to fruitfulness.