Break up SMS: “COMPROMISING” doesn’t…

“COMPROMISING” doesn’t mean that
your are wrong and someone is right,
it only means that
you value your “RELATIONSHIP”
much more then your “EGO”.

Break up SMS in Hindi: Guftaar mein…

Guftaar mein wo apni be-baak ho gaya hai
jese ke har kami se wo pak ho gaya hai
rakhna pare ga phir bhi hum ko bharam wafa ka
mana ke jalte jalte dil khaak ho gaya hai.

Break up SMS in Hindi: Yaado Me Teri…

Yaado Me Teri Tanha Baithe Hay
Tere Bina Labo Ki Hasi Gawa Baithe Hay
Teri Duniya Me Andhera Na Ho..
Isliye Khud Ka Dil Jala Baithe Hay.

Break up SMS: Moving on is not about…

Moving on is not about

Cut the communication.
Delete the number.
Ignore each other..
Avoid and Forget.

It is about accepting the fact
He/She Is not for you,
you are also not for him/her

You don’t have to be bitter
When you know you can be better 🙂

Break up SMS in Hindi: Woh To Deewane…

Woh To Deewane The Jo Tanha Chhor Gaye
Wo Na Ruk Sake To Ankho Mein Apna Saaya
Chhor Gaye Hume Gham Hai Is Baat Ka Ke
Woh Dil Se Kiya Wada, Hathon Se Tor Gaye…

Break up SMS: Staying in a Relationship…

Staying In a Relationship
When You are No Longer Happy
Is Like Fooling Yourself.
Letting Go Of Someone You Love Is Painful
But Time Will Come You will Realize
That It’s The Best Thing You have Done For Yourself.

Break up SMS in Hindi: Ehsaan tera main…

Ehsaan tera main maanu
Tanha mujhe jo kiya hai
Jo pyar tera hai khoya
Lagta hai khud se mila main.

Break up SMS: Boy bought gift…

Style of break up:
Boy bought gift for His Girl friend-
GF:Wat the hell would I do with this rocket?
Boy: U wanted stars na?
Now sit on it and GET LOST.

Break up SMS: Let’s kiss again…

Let’s kiss again ‘and say good bye
To sad stories of the weeping sky
Let’s forget that we ever have to part
For all shall part with time gone by.
‘n let’s call life, the time we have
‘n when we part we’ll say we die…

Break up SMS in Hindi: Dil ki udasiyun ko…

Dil ki udasiyun ko mitaya na ja saka.
Ek teri yaad thi k bhulaya na ja saka.
Hum ne ki lakh koshish, hazaron kiye jatan.
Palkon pe ansoon ko bithaya na ja saka.