The shine of pearl in my life has
always brightened my paths
and bestowed love upon me.
Thanks for being the pearl of my life.
Happy monthsary.

I really do love you,
really do care for you,
and I really want you to
be not just in my life,
but in my future life.
Happy monthsary.

You have been the best boyfriend since ever
and on our monthsary I would like to celebrate this
with full joy and festivity.

I learned to accept who or what you are,
I learned to dream about having you in my life forevermore,
I learned to sacrifice my pride,
I learned to smile whenever I’m sad.
Happy monthsary.
Monthsary Wishes

I will always remember the moment we became lovers.
I can’t imagine my life without you since then.
Thank you for the love and caring.
I Love You and Happy Monthsary!

The bond of love can never fade
when its you and me and today is our
really special day as we complete
these months of that bond.
Happy Monthsary.

I just want you to know
that I will never get tired of loving you.
Happy monthsary dear.

Not only have I seen truth in your eyes,
you remind me of time itself for you are
my past, present, future and forever.
I love you. Happy monthsary.

With you, I became a better person.
Without you, my life will never be complete.
Thank you for choosing me as your better half.
Happy monthsary!

Whenever I think of the days passed by,
they always make me feel how special the coming days would be
as our love every day grows over and over.
Each month is a bliss. so a very happy monthsary to My Love.