Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

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Birthday Wishes for Friend with Cake
May all of your wishes come true this year.
Happy Birthday to a wonderful person and friend!
I hope many years of blessings follow you wherever you go!
Birthday Wishes for Friend with Cake
The warmest birthday wishes to a person
who makes my life much more colourful!
Let‘s make this day a rocking one, buddy!
Birthday Wishes for Friend with Flowers
May this day bring you lots of brightest smiles, my dear friend!
And may this year be the greatest in your life!

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Happy Birthday Image for Best Friend with Cake
Happy Birthday Image for Best Friend with Cake
Happy Birthday Image for Friend with Gifts
Happy Birthday Image for Friend with Gifts
Happy Birthday Image for Friend with Gift and Roses
Happy Birthday Image for Friend with Candles
Birthday Wishes for Friend with Gifts
Childhood passes do quickly.
I am so glad we were friends then
and that we still are.
May your day be as special as you!
Birthday Wishes for Friend with Cake
May these birthday candles become
a beacon of true success in your life.
Birthday Wishes for Friend with Cake
May all the things that you are dreaming of come true;
may all your wishes be fulfilled. Happy birthday to my best friend!
Birthday Wishes for Friend with Flowers
It‘s a true blessing to have
a great friend like you
and I wish you all the most wonderful
things that can be in this world!
Birthday Wishes for Friend with Cake
Birthdays come around every year,
but friends like you only come
once in a lifetime.
I’m so glad you came into my life.
Best wishes on your special day.
Birthday Wishes for Friend with Cake
May this day bring a lot of smiles
and happiness to you, my dear friend.
Wishing you a great and grand birthday!
Birthday Wishes for Friend with Cake
Friend, may these heartfelt Birthday wishes remind you
of just how important you are in my life. Have a wonderful day!
Birthday Wishes for Friend with Cake
Happy birthday, pal! Let this special day bring you
years upon years of happiness, health and prosperity.
Birthday Wishes for Friend with Gifts
On your birthday I wish you success and endless happiness!
Millions of Greetings;
Thousands of Colours;
Hundreds of Wishes;
Hundreds of Cakes;
And lots of Smiles;
That’s what I ask God to give you
through out your life!
Happy Birthday!
A birthday is a million moments, Each holding a promise of fulfillment of your dreams, and accomplishments of some special plans. Wish U a very Happy Birthday.
Wish you a very glorious and a very bright life ahead,
may your life be full of massive success and
may joys brighten the ways of your life with love and care,
a day full of love a very happy birthday.
The warmest wishes to a special person in my life,
who probably knows me more than myself.
Thank you for being with me through thick and thin,
you know you can always count on me.
Let us make you birthday a day to remember!
Your loyalty and integrity cannot be compared to anyone else.
You are truly different in every aspect. Wishing a very happy
and colorful birthday to the person who admires me the most.
For your special day, I tried to find the right words
to show you how I feel about our friendship.
I could only think of one: amazing.
To me, you’re an amazing friend, more special
than anyone I’ve ever known. Happy birthday!
May you celebrate your birthday with as many good friends
as it takes to get it right, get through it and/or get what you want.
You can definitely count me as one of them. Now let’s party!
May you find pleasure everywhere,
and may every moment today make you smile.
My dear friend, you are not old this morning.
The passing of time only makes you more beautiful
and more wise, making me be proud of being your friend.
Happy Birthday!
Let’s make your birthday a day that you will always remember.
Happy Birthday, my friend! We have some serious partying to do,
so let’s get to it!
You celebrate this day as your birthday
and I shall celebrate our friendship at the same time.
Hope you have a great birthday, my friend!
Wishing happy birthday to that person
who can easily turn my tears into a laugh.
May all the dreams of your life will come true
in this coming year! Happy birthday.
I am very happy and thankful,
because I have such a good friend like you.
We share funny moments, we share tears.
Wishing you the most wonderful birthday!
Many happy returns, you’re a jolly good fellow,
auld lang syne and all that stuff.
Today is your birthday!
May you receive even more blessings than you ask for,
and may all good things continue to come your way.
Life is what you make of Keep making yours
count each and every day.
The skies are clear for you at all times.
Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday, dear friend!
I hope all the happiness of your dreams
will be yours soon.
My dear, dear friend, you have always been there for me.
You and I redefine what friendship means.
Happy birthday!
You are my best friend.
I believe you’ll always remain
as throughout the life.
I don’t want to lose you.
Happy birthday dear.
I’m so thankful I found a friend like you!
May every candle, star and wishbone you
wish on bring you luck in everything.
A real friend understands your past,
believes in your future and accepts you
just the way you are, even…
if you are getting older!
Enjoy your Big Day!
This is the day when my best buddy came into this lovely world.
I’m so lucky that God sent you in my life.
Happy birthday.
My friend, I hope you have a glorious morning,
a beautiful day and an exhilarating night on your birthday!
I wish you all the things I know you want.
I wish this from the bottom of my heart,
my wonderful friend!
May the sun shine the brightest
and the birds sing the sweetest today,
just for you.
Happy birthday to a true friend.
You’re not a friend because you’re a Facebook friend.
You’re not a friend because I meet you every week for coffee or lunch.
You’re not a friend because you’re nice to me.
It’s because you’re one-half of my whole…and I’m yours.
I’m wishing you all the best my best friend,
on this very special day. Keep your eyes open
to watch all the surprises that I’ve arranged for you.
Happy birthday.
Happy birthday to my best friend,
who is better than the best of the best!
May your special day be better than
the best you’ve ever celebrated.
May your day be filled with plenty of butterflies,
sunsets, puppies and chocolate (girl).
Happy birthday to my true friend who was always
there for me through all ups and downs.
Today is your Big Day, so let the celebration begin!
Wishing a very happy birthday to that person
whose presence in my life means a lot.
Thanks buddy and have a wonderful birthday.
Good friends don’t friends like you have a terrible birthday.
Best friends make sure friends like you have the best birthday ever.
It’s an honor and privilege to be your best friend. Happy birthday,
BFF! Now let’s party!
I have been looking forward to your birthday
just so I can drown you in gifts.
Happy Birthday to the best friend a person
could ever dream of having!
I am going to spend one more year with my friend.
May God bless you on your birthday for the
fulfillment of all your dreams and wishes!
Happy birthday to my irreplaceable friend!
I promise to light up your special day
after you blow out all the candles!
Your simple hug has wiped my tears many times
and your simple laugh has brought happiness into my face.
Happy birthday.
Congrats on your bday! May it bring you all the joy,
laughter and love you wish for!
Think of all your favorite things;
now go and enjoy them on your special day.
I feel incredibly fortunate to have a special friend like you!
Hope you enjoy every single moment of your birthday!
Your presence in my life gives me the feel of birthday every day.
That’s why I want to celebrate your special day in a special way
so that you don’t forget it in your life.
Wishing you, my buddy, an unforgettable day of joy,
an amazing year of bliss and a lifetime of happiness!
You are a gift that has come into my life.
Now every day I get to enjoy the greatest gift of all.
Our friendship. Happy birthday!
A true friend shares the birthday with you and makes you happier.
A true friend is more precious than any other thing in your life.
Happy birthday.
Today is the beginning of another great adventure.
Happy birthday to a wonderful friend.
Enjoy this special day.
One day I made a wish to have a true friend
for all the good and the bad times.
My wish came true when I met you.
Heartfelt wishes to my amazing friend!
You are a great friend of mine, so I hope you’ll
have the greatest birthday celebration tonight.
Happy birthday.
To me, you’re a friend with benefits — the ones that really matter,
like loyalty, support, trust, respect, kindness, honesty and, of course,
free Candy Crush lives. Happy birthday, buddy!
Happy birthday to my best friend with whom
I have spent my best years.
Here’s to many more years to come!
May your special day be filled with lots of gifts,
love, wonderful memories and of course a big cake!
Happy birthday.
Wishing you the loveliest morning,
noon and night on your special day.
May the wind always be at your back, my friend!
We will party on your birthday, because a friend
like you deserves the best party you could ever want.
You are the source of my strength, and happiness.
I don’t want to lose those things and you.
Enjoy your birthday cake and don’t forget
to keep some for me. Happy birthday.
May your deepest and wildest dreams
come true today and every day.
I wish you to have an extremely happy birthday!
As a friend, you‘re not precious – you are priceless to me!
We talk every day, meet every day and still
it feels that I need your more company. Friend,
I’ve placed you in my heart. Have a nice birthday.
May each candle, smile and “Happy Birthday”
be a sign of good things still to come.
Happy, happy birthday to my amazing friend
and an even more amazing individual!
Candles and cakes and smiles – insert all these into your memory’s file.
Happy birthday to the best friend I’ve ever had!
Thanks for being all this and more!
Have a Happy Birthday my Friend!
On your special day, may everything you want
in life beat a path right to your door!
One of the best things in the world is a true friendship.
That’s truly what I have with you. Happy birthday, my truest friend!
Family members cannot be chosen, but friends can be.
I’m very lucky that I’ve chosen the right person to share everything.
Wishing you a gorgeous birthday.
May each year be another year to see the beauty
of what you’ve done in this world.
May your day be as joy-filled
and wonderful as it can possibly be.
Happy birthday, my friend!
You are one of the most amazing people in my life!
Wishing you a memorable celebration!
May every day for the rest of your life bring you happiness.
The world became a little brighter by this day
because you were born on this special day.
Wishing a happy birthday buddy.