Anniversary Wishes for Husband
I didn’t know what true love is
Before I met you.
You came into my life
And fulfilled it with colours,
You made it beautiful.
Although there were ups and downs,
Together we made it through.
I will always be yours,
Happy wedding anniversary, My love!
25th Anniversary Wishes
LOVE is meant to be FOREVER.
But in real life, it takes many a sacrifice
and unlimited patience to make it happen.
Congratulations on your 25th anniversary.
25th Anniversary Wishes
25 years of commitment,
25 years of attraction,
25 years of care,
25 years of affection.
25 years of romance,
25 years of togetherness,
25 years of love,
25 years of happiness.
Happy anniversary.
Congratulations Quotes for Engagement
On this sweet occasion,
I wish you both a health
and romantic life ahead.
May God Bless your love.
Congratulations on your engagement.
Congratulations Quotes for Engagement
May the both of you be blessed by God as you face a lifetime of moments together.
This engagement is just the beginning of a journey that will be the rest of a happy future together.
Congratulations Quotes for Engagement
Wishing you a wonderful life together filled with lots of joy and happiness.
All the best.
Wedding Anniversary Quote for Husband
I love you and I hope our marriage
will last as long as we are alive,
because I believe in us,
I believe in the saying:
”till death do us part”,
Happy Anniversary!
Wedding Anniversary Quote
Relationships are not about give and take,
they’re about share and care.
Happy Anniversary.
First Anniversary Wishes for Husband
Today is the first anniversary of our marriage.
I will always remember this time with a big happiness
in my heart knowing that all my dreams come true.
Happy Anniversary.
Happy Anniversary Wishes for Wife with Roses
I am sending you this bouquet of love
To show how much you mean to me.
Today on this special occasion
I‘d like to tell you that I love you so much,
I will always cherish you in my heart.
Happy Anniversary, My Dear!