25th Wedding Anniversary Wishes, Messages, Quotes, and Pictures

The 25th wedding anniversary is also called as the silver birthday or the Silver Jubilee, for the reason that according to the belief in many nations, you should present gifts, to the wedding partners, made from silver. Keep on reading and find amazing 25th wedding anniversary messages and wishes to make your friendly couple happy!

25th Wedding Anniversary Wishes
25 years of happy married life is not for everyone. Only those who can love truly and unconditionally can achieve this milestone. You two are one of those rare people!
25th Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friends
What a special occasion for you and yours; the celebration of 25 years of love and loyalty. I pray you have many more years of absolute joy and goodness. Happy 25th anniversary.
25th Anniversary Wishes with Flowers
Happy 25th Anniversary to both of you! Congratulations on reaching a milestone made of love and trust! Wishing you happiness for the days ahead too!
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Happy 25th Anniversary Image
Congratulations on your 25th Anniversary Image
Happy 25th Anniversary Image
Happy 25th Anniversary Image
Happy 25th Anniversary Image
Happy 25th Anniversary Image
Happy 25th Anniversary Image
Happy 25th Anniversary Image
Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary Wishes with Flowers and Gift
Your marriage is an epitome of everlasting love and it’s so exciting to celebrate your special day with you. Happy 25th wedding anniversary.
25th Anniversary Wishes Image with Red Flowers
You should both be very proud, 25 years of marital bliss is very remarkable. May your special celebration be beautiful as well. Happy 25th anniversary.
25th Anniversary Wishes
LOVE is meant to be FOREVER.
But in real life, it takes many a sacrifice
and unlimited patience to make it happen.
Congratulations on your 25th anniversary.
25th Anniversary Wishes
Today is the day to be romantic,
today is the day to be nostalgic,
today is the day to be ecstatic,
for 25 years of your marriage…
that have been so fantastic.
Happy anniversary.
25th Anniversary Wishes
This anniversary maybe the Silver,
but your love is like Gold; everlasting and priceless.
You two are the ultimate epitome of true love.
Happy 25th wedding anniversary.
25th Wedding Anniversary Wishes
You are not just celebrating the anniversary of your long marriage,
but the anniversary of all the hopes and dreams that you saw together.
25th Wedding Anniversary Wishes
Your anniversary may be Silver,
but your love is even more
precious than Gold.
Happy 25th anniversary.
25th Wedding Anniversary Wishes
May your love continue to blossom like it has for the past 25 years.
Happy silver jubilee.
25th Anniversary Wishes
25 years of commitment,
25 years of attraction,
25 years of care,
25 years of affection.
25 years of romance,
25 years of togetherness,
25 years of love,
25 years of happiness.
Happy anniversary.
It feels just like yesterday when we were at your wedding reception, it’s been 25 wonderful years since then. I’m so thrilled for you both, sending you all my love for today and always.
Your wedding will become a chronicle to let your future generations know that you both were truly special and your love was absolutely magical. Happy 25th anniversary.
If I didn’t know you people 25 years ago, I wouldn’t also believe that you have been married for that long. May your special love be forever, have a wonderful 25th wedding anniversary.
Either you both were too busy to look at each other for twenty five years or too busy looking at each other for twenty five years. Whatever the case may be, wish you a happy 25th anniversary.
I have watched you both go from lovestruck newlyweds to building your home all these years. I’m so excited and I wish you a happy 25th wedding anniversary.
For 25 years, you have stood by each other always. This is just the beginning of more beautiful years together. Happy 25th wedding anniversary.
Congratulations for discovering the most sought after secret – the secret of a happy marriage. Happy 25th anniversary.
Today marks a very special day; the 25th anniversary of your beautiful marriage. I wish you heaven’s best as you continue on this wonderful journey of love.
Welcome to the 25th year of your amazing marriage. I have watched this union grow to this very day and I am so happy to share in your joy. Happy wedding anniversary.
Being someone’s soul mate isn’t easy. Especially for 25 whole years! You deserve all the praise in the world! Happy 25th anniversary!
On this very beautiful day, I celebrate your beautiful marriage. May God’s love and choicest blessings rain down on you always and forever. Happy 25th wedding anniversary.
Fairy tales usually last for a few pages. I’ve never seen one that lasted 25 years. Happy 25th anniversary!
You both have faced the world together for 25 years and weathered every storm. May the future years be better than the past years. Happy 25th Anniversary!
25 years of love and trust, 25 years of wonderful memories, 25 years of support and care, 25 years of ups and downs. Happy wedding anniversary.
To have spent the past 25 years waking up right beside the love of your life, I can’t imagine anything else closer to perfection. Happy anniversary!
May these twenty-five years of your married life be the prologue of a fairy tale with a lovely ending. Happy silver anniversary.
My prayers and best wishes are with you and your spouse A big cheers to a fantastic 25 years of beautiful marriage.
On your 25th anniversary today, let loose and feel like a teenage couple again. Remember that everything else in life is transitory, and only memories will remain. Happy anniversary.
This anniversary isn’t just a milestone of one more year of being together… it is an official testimony that your love is truly forever. Happy 25th anniversary.
Not being tired of seeing each other’s faces for twenty fight long years of your lives is a truly remarkable achievement. Happy anniversary.
Love has little meaning, if it fades away. Congratulations for nurturing yours, till this very day. Happy anniversary.
A diary log of every single day of your lives together as a couple and a family should be archived so that future generations can learn the real meaning of true love and marital bliss. Happy 25th anniversary.
Love would have a better reputation if there were more couples like you and the world would be a better place if there were more parents like you. Happy 25th anniversary.
Congratulations you two will forever be an inspiration of support and love! Best wishes.
A couple like you is living proof of the fact that love is an investment. The more you put in it, the more it gives back. Happy 25th anniversary.
Spending 25 long years together is a remarkable achievement! Congratulations on your 25th wedding anniversary.
May God bless you two with even better times to come. Happy anniversary!
Parents like you are the greatest teachers. Happy 25th anniversary mom and dad, your lives have taught us the real meaning of Love, Commitment, Sacrifice and Happiness.
Knowing you both makes our marriage so much easier, thank you for setting such a good example with your incredibly amazing union. Have an absolutely beautiful 25th wedding anniversary.
I never believed marriage combined souls two, But after 25 years, I bow down to it, when I look at you! Happy wedding anniversary!
Your perfectly happy and twenty five year long marriage should be personified, molded and converted into a museum exhibit so that others can see the real meaning of true love. Happy anniversary.
Marriage is a lot of things to many people, yours so far has been an incredible 25 years of an epic love story. May love and joy continue to flow in your union now and always.
In theory marriages are made in Heaven but for all other practical purposes, a twenty five year long marriage is made by the tireless efforts of a beautiful couple like you. Happy 25th anniversary.
You are blessed beyond words to have each other. May your day be beautiful and exciting. as you celebrate this milestone today. Cheers to 25 years more of love and beyond.
25 years of marital bliss is nothing short of God’s blessing. I celebrate your special anniversary with you and wish you heaven’s best always.
Everyone can make promises, but very few people can keep them forever. Happy anniversary.
The world will be full of love if every couple were like you. A big thank you to the both of you for always radiating positivity and love. Happy 25th wedding anniversary!
25 years later and you both are still as in love as the day you said ‘I do’. You deserve the love you have for each other. Happy 25th wedding anniversary!
Coolest couple you have been for years 25, And for happiness you have always strived! Happy wedding anniversary!
25 years of walking side by side, For wishing this couple a happy wedding anniversary, I take pride!
Just like how limestone becomes strong by curing over many years, your marriage has become unbreakable by curing under love and care. Happy 25th anniversary.
I know too much time have gone when we married. The 25 years of love and understanding have worth. I wish to be with you for at least more 25 years. My lovely husband, Happy silver anniversary.
For 25 years, you have had each other’s back through everything, I cannot think of anything more beautiful. Enjoy your day and best wishes for the years ahead.
There is nothing more dreamlike than seeing a couple like you; 25 years of love, 25 years of affection and 25 years of care. Happy Silver Jubilee!
There is nothing more beautiful than love, that lasts forever. Happy 25th anniversary.
Couples like you need to be paraded down the streets so everyone can see what true love really looks like. Congratulations for your Silver Jubilee.
Have a day that’s really full of fun, It’s your 25th wedding anniversary, from the time you became one. Happy wedding anniversary!
25 years of relation so pure, You deserve a Hats Off, for sure. Happy wedding anniversary.
As long as there is life, I know your marriage will continually be celebrated. You both are such a special couple. Have a beautiful 25th wedding anniversary!
Usually, a dream ends when you wake up, when it comes to your marriage, the dream hasn’t ended 25 years later! Happy anniversary!
They say all things get boring after a while. Yet, after 25 years of marriage, you two have proved that you are an exception to that rule. Happy anniversary!
Have a very pleasant day as you honour the 25th year of your wedding anniversary. I hope that your marriage will always be everything you need it to be and more.
Nothing makes life more colorful and beautiful than having two hearts beat as one and for as long as 25 years. You both are totally worthy of emulation.
Having a reason to wake up is always important in life. But when that reason has been sleeping beside you for the past quarter of a century, then you know your marriage is a successful one. Happy 25th anniversary!
Special blessings and wishes to a very special couple on your very special wedding anniversary. It’s amazing watching you both be a couple.
I wish you heaven’s best as you continue your journey of love and commitment to each other. Have an awesome 25th wedding anniversary.
I have no doubt that you were made for each other, 25 years together and still going strong! Happy 25th anniversary to you and yours.
I can’t think of a beautiful marriage without yours coming to mind, you both are so good together.
25 years of love and still counting; I celebrate you two.
I pray your special day is filled with beautiful moments as with your marriage too. Have a joyous 25th wedding anniversary and make sure to have some fun.
Today marks your 25th year of choosing each other, and what a formidable team you both have made all these years. I hope nothing but the best as you continue to be as one.
Today marks a quarter of a century that you two have spent together as a couple! That by itself is an incredible feat! You truly are an inspiration for other couples. Happy 25th anniversary!
My prayer for you as you celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary is that you have enough love, joy and provisions to last your marriage and home a lifetime. Have a joyful celebration.
Life is best lived with a loved one and for the past twenty – five years, you have been there for each other. May your wonderful union last forever. Happy 25th wedding anniversary.
For 25 years, you both have chosen each other over and again. May you continue to choose each other. Happy 25th wedding anniversary.
Your journey of love and happiness has led you to this day and moment. Wishing you many more beautiful moments as you celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary.
Happy 25th wedding anniversary! After all these years, it’s not hard to tell that love lives in your home. May your home be blessed always and forever.
You both are the perfect role models for newlyweds! May God’s love and light continue to illuminate and bless your marriage. Happy 25th anniversary.
It gives me so much joy to celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary with you both. Such a beautiful couple! May your marriage continue to flourish.
One would think that you have been together for 25 years would have lost their spark, but not you both. Still as in love as the day you got wedded. Happy 25th anniversary.
Apparently, you both have found the recipe for a happy and fruitful marriage. It’s incredible having you as friends. 25th wedding anniversary!
This anniversary is not only another 1 year marker in your married life but it marks the 25th years of keeping the commitment of being with each other through thin and thick. Many more years add up to your happy married life. Happy twenty five anniversary.
Congratulations to you and to your children.
They must have learned by now the real meaning of commitment, love and compromise.
Happy 25th anniversary.
You guys are 25 years older in terms of marriage but you are 25 years, powerful, prosperous, happier and this is something value all the hardships that you had to go through. Happy 25th anniversary.
With the passage of time one begins to love everything about their partner and with the passage of 25 years one begins to find beauty in the wrinkles of their partners as well. Happy 25th anniversary, May this anniversary brings you guys even more nearly to each other.
Just like a vine become more elegant with the passage of every passing year and become valuable, similarly your marriage has aged for 25 years and may it become even more wonderful with the passage of many more years come. Happy 25th anniversary.
All the couples of dream of wonderful things and they will stick combine to make them real but you are one of the very few who exactly made their dreams come true. Kudos to you guys for doing the not possible. May this wonderful matrimony be a part of your lives. Happy twenty five anniversary.
Your marriage will become a model for the people who might consider marriage an unstable thing and they will get to know that it gets amazing with the passage of years and nearly indestructible after 25 years.
Happy anniversary!
There is nothing more fantastic than seeing a couple like you;
twenty five years of live, twenty years of affection and twenty five years of care.
Happy Silver Jubilee!
Hand in hand a wonderful journey you start,
and twenty five years you spend as man and women!!!
Happy wedding anniversary!
Twenty five years of union so amazing designed,
that sadness from your life mechanically resigned.
Happy Wedding Anniversary!
From the day one, you guys are responsible for bringing happiness into each others life. May you stay each others forever and may this bond that you share keep on getting stronger. Happy 25th anniversary.
Today you have hit a silver jubilee,
Of a relation beautiful marriage
between you two buddies!!!
Happy wedding anniversary!!!
May these twenty five years
of your married life be the
prologue of a timeless fairy tale
with a lovely ending.
Happy silver anniversary.
In each other’s life you bought happiness from day one,
So now after 25 years of union, just have all fun!!!
Happy wedding anniversary!!
Marriage may be something that one can find in theory
but to make this marriage reach the 25 years marker
needs the tireless efforts of the both people.
Way to go guys for doing such an amazing job and sticking
to each other long enough to prove the theory right.
Happy 25 years of love, happiness and magic.
Your love and trust is so evident,
Hope it increases with every year you spend!!!
Happy wedding anniversary!!!
Everyone becomes old one day or another.
But to age gracefully together,
with someone you love,
is a pleasure not everyone has.
Congratulations for being the chosen ones.
Happy 25th anniversary.
25 years you have live together like a fairy tale,
I wish your relation has a long way to sail!
Happy wedding anniversary!!