25th Anniversary Wishes

The 25th wedding anniversary is also called as the silver birthday or the Silver Jubilee, for the reason that according to the belief in many nations, you should present gifts, to the wedding partners, made from silver. Keep on reading and find amazing 25th wedding anniversary messages and wishes to make your friendly couple happy!

Your marriage has sure come a long way!
And I hope there’s even more to come.
Happy 25 years of love, happiness and magic.
Hope you have all lovely memories,
From day one of your marriage
till quarter century!!
Happy wedding anniversary!!!
It takes only a moment to fall in love
but a lifetime to prove that it was
truly meant to be forever.
Happy silver anniversary.
Good wishes and good luck,
May the butterflies have
loads of happiness to suck!!!
Happy wedding anniversary!!!
This anniversary is not just another one year
marker in your married life but it marks the
twenty five years of keeping the commitment
of being with each other through thick and thin.
May more years add up to your married life.
Happy 25th anniversary.
I pray with all my heart,
for you to prosper and to last!
Many, many more happy years to come!
Happy wedding anniversary.
Your twenty five year long happy marriage is proof
of the fact that fatal attraction is not fatal after all.
Happy 25th anniversary.
Every time I looked at you both in passed 25 years,
Your companionship would take all worries and fears!!
Happy wedding anniversary!!!
The impeccable married life like yours,
your anniversary should be celebrated
in the sort of procession down the street
so that people may get to know what true love
look like after all these years.
Happy 25th anniversary.
What is known as romance and love in novels,
is actually commitment and sacrifice in real life.
Your story is a timeless and beautiful example,
of what it takes to be husband and wife.
Happy anniversary.