Engagement Wishes

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What a great way to celebrate your love. Becoming husband and wife, one soul, for the rest of your lives. I can’t think of anything more beautiful, or a couple more deserving of such lovely, exciting news. Congratulations!
I’m so excited to see you two take on the next chapter in your lives. You’re going to be so happy. What a wonderful day to celebrate love.
What a beautiful announcement. You two sure are a perfect couple. I am really very happy for you two. May this happiness lasts forever in your coming life together.
I wish that both of you stay together forever. I wish you both a very happy life together.
You two are such a beautiful couple. So full of love and joy. You’re going to have such a lovely marriage. Congratulations!
Seeing you two together after all these years is truly inspiring. You two have never left each other even in most difficult of the times. This engagement is the best decision you two have ever made. You truly are meant for each other. Congratulations for this brilliant engagement.
To the future bride and groom, Congratulations and good luck. You two are such a wonderful couple and I know you’ll beat the odds. You’ll make it to the end, I’m sure.
I congratulate you on this brilliant occasion. Believe me, I am filled with joy to see you like this. This is your special day and I am more than just happy for you.
I wish a warm and happy congratulations to the future Groom and Bride. You two are just awesome together.
Congratulations! You two are getting married! You’re going to make such happy memories over the years. You’ll share so many laughs and kisses and hugs. What a lovely day. Congratulations!
We offer our sincere congratulations to a wonderful couple upon this occasion of your engagement. May you life a long and happy life together.
My heart is overjoyed at the news of your engagement. Congratulations and lots of love to you both.
All of my best to a great couple with a great future. May your engagement be just the beginning of a long and happy life together.
As you both step into a new journey, may you get the best of what life can offer. Keep loving each other. Happy engagement!
Heartiest congratulations to the beautiful couple. May you both be blessed with lifelong happiness.
Plan for the best life you can both spend together on the day of your engagement and create a lovely family.
May your joining together bring you more joy than you can imagine.
Congratulations to a beautiful couple. Wishing you a wonderful journey as you build your new life together.
All the best with the wedding plans and have a lovely life together.
I was extremely happy when I heard on your engagement. Hope you love each other eternally!
Congrats on getting engaged! May the love that you share be an everlasting one.
Congratulations on taking this exciting step together. May your future be a bright and happy one.
Congratulations to a wonderful couple who deserve the very best in life. You’ve found that in each other.
May you always fill each other’s life with love. Congratulations on your engagement!
Wishing you both the happily ever after you so very much deserve. Congratulations and best wishes!
Congratulations to a beautiful couple. Wishing you a wonderful journey as you build your new life together.
Congratulations! Wishing you a wonderful journey in your new life together.
With warmest wishes and sincere congratulations, may you enjoy your day of happy celebrations!
Many congratulations on tying the knot!
May today be the just the beginning of a
happy life together. Wish you both a
prosperous future ahead.
Congratulations on finding each other.
Your engagement is wonderful news.
Wishing you both an eternity of
love and happiness together.
Wishing you loads of happiness and togetherness in future.
May your love shine brighter and your companionship grow richer with each passing day.
Congratulations on your engagement!
It is time to combine all the little dreams of both of you
under one shelter and start converting them into reality as
it is the day of your engagement.
I congratulate you both for your love and togetherness,
and wish you peaceful and wonderful times ahead in life.
May God bless both of you with warmth and care.
Congratulations on your engagement.
Thousands of couples must be getting engaged across
the world today but you are not among them.
You two are a heavenly pair, truly out of this world.
May your love shine brighter and your companionship grow richer with each passing day.
Congratulations on your engagement!
Finding a new love is like the bloom of flowery hope;
perfecting the love in wedding is like the beauty of a
rich red rose in bright morning sun. May the joy, laughter
and love that bring you together remain unwavering.
Congratulations on your wedding.
May your future be bright and full of the richest blessings.
Your engagement announcement brought us great joy an we cannot
wait to celebrate the joyous occasion of your wedding day.
Hope this day of your engagement envelops
both of you with extreme love, care and the
power to understand each other.
Congratulations on settling down.
All the best with the wedding plans
and may your relationship last forever.
As your two souls come together, so will your hearts.
May your love for one another only strengthen
as you take this exciting step together.
God bless you both on your engagement.
Married life is one full of ups and downs
but we know that you are a couple that
has the strength and love that can get you
through the tough times and help you to
better enjoy the wonderful time.
You two beautiful people deserve the
very best things that life has to offer.
Congratulations on your engagement.
We wish you endless happy memories and a
fruitful life together as man and wife.
Wishing the both of you a world of happiness and joy on this wonderful day.
Congratulations on your engagement, we are so delighted for you!
Congratulations on getting engaged.
May your lives together be filled with
joyful brightness and plenty of love.
Combine the hearts of two lovebirds into one on your engagement day.
Congrats! Your engagement is just the first step in the
winding road of the rest of your life.
Enjoy each other as you go through this life together.
The future is unknown so be happy that you have a true
companion to march forward with.
May your life and times together always be blessed with love and care.
Hearty congratulations to the both of you on your engagement.
The story of your love is a story of success on the day of your engagement.
May your life together be filled with all the right ingredients:
a heap of love, a dash of humor, a touch of romance, and a
spoonful of understanding. Congratulations to you both!
There are not two people on this earth who deserve as much as you both.
You are together because you have each earned the joy of a wonderful
relationship and many many happy years together to come.
We just heard the news! Congratulations on your engagement.
We are thrilled to hear that you both have found “the one”
and we know you’ll be happy together forever.
Love one another and you will be happy.
It is as simple and as difficult as that.
Congratulations on your engagement.
The wonderful word of your engagement calls
for a huge celebration for a wonderful couple.
We can’t wait to toast to your future and join
you to celebrate your wedding day.
Burst your love to color the world on your engagement day.
On the occasion of your engagement
I want to sincerely wish you
endless days filled with the very
best that life has to offer.
Congratulations to a dynamic couple.
Congratulations to the happy couple on the occasion of your engagement.
May both of you be blessed as you take the next step towards the rest
of your life together, hand in hand.
Wishing you the very best as you begin to plan your lives together.
Hold hands firmly and hug each other firmly to celebrate the day of your engagement.
Congratulations on your engagement!
We all know how happy you are and
we couldn’t be more proud of the man
and woman that you have grown up to be.
Always cherish each other and know how lucky
you are that God has brought you together to
enjoy the rest of your life in wedded bliss as
husband and wife.
May your engagement be the beginning of a lifetime filled with special love and happiness.
Wishing you all the best for the future.
Stay together always.