Wishes SMS

House Warming Wishes
May your new home be filled with
love and laughter, good fortune,
the sunshine, and happiness.
Fill your new home with love,
Bring in peace and harmony with a dove.
Fill in your new home with care.
There’s no doubt you will wonderfully fare.
Fill in your new home with light.
Hug your family members warm and tight.
Better than the churches of Rome.
Congratulations on your new home!
Congratulations for the new nest.
May the warmth of new home
keep you all happy always.
Your home is the perfect place
of elegance, beauty, and heaven.
It is no doubt, a dream come true.
Congratulations for this precious possession!
Home is a word that symbolizes love,
trust, progress, memories, and relationships.
I hope you are blessed with all of these and more.
House Warming Wishes
May the housewarming party never ends
and each day is a grand occasion in the new home.
Enjoy these moments to the fullest.
Congratulations on your new beautiful house!
It is true that a new house brings
new special moments, security and happiness.
Enjoy your new house and more blessings to come!
Congratulations on buying
the new address of happiness.
Take care and wish you all the best!
May your new home has a warm hue.
May it bring you happiness and delight true.
May your new home fulfill all your dreams.
May joy and cheer burst at its seams.
A new house like this is deserved by few;
Its style and character truly suit you.